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n. 付薪水的支票,薪水
Web explanation
Paycheck - 记忆裂痕,致命报酬,片酬
paycheck stub - 工资单
employee paycheck - 工资支票
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Bilingual sentences

  • 第二天,我辞去工作,把最后一笔薪水全花在艺术用品上,开始做起自己喜欢的事情来。
    The next day, I quit my jobs and invested my last paycheck in art supplies and began doing what I loved.
  • 没有稳定的薪水做依靠,你会担心每个机会都是最后的发薪日。
    Without the cushion of a steady paycheck, you fear that every opportunity will be your last payday.
  • 由你的雇主直接把你每一次的薪水的5%-10%直接打入到你的储蓄帐户。
    Have your employer direct deposit 5% - 10% of every paycheck straight into your savings account.
  • 你必须算出在领到第一份薪水前,需要多少钱才能生活下去。
    You have to figure out what you'll need to live on before that first paycheck.
  • 嘿,苏珊。能耽误你一点时间吗?我想问你关于我薪水的问题。
    Emily: Hey, Susan. Have you got a sec? I have some questions about my paycheck.
  • 虽然他因而而少了份薪水,但他想退休了。
    He would miss the paycheck, but he needed to retire.
  • 你可能需要一辆搬家货车,但不得不等上四个周才能领到第一笔薪水。
    You may need a moving van, and you may have to wait four weeks for a first paycheck.
  • 营造一种生活,真正的生活,而不是狂躁的追求一次又一次的晋升、更高的薪水和更大的房子。
    Get a life. A real life, not a manic pursuit of the next promotion, the bigger paycheck, the larger house.
  • 这世界上的薪水,就算再多,也抵不上我和我的两个小宝贝儿在一起时所度过的每一天的美好时光。
    And no paycheck in the world could replace the value of these moments I get to have with these two amazing kids everyday.
  • 而对于那些因为讨一份薪水而留任的人,这时的文化冲击是相当大的。
    For those who remained in the name of a paycheck, the culture shock was profound.
  • 如果你努力工作,你就能有获得一份终生工作的机会,有着体面的薪水,良好的福利,偶尔还能得到晋升。
    If you worked hard, chances are you’d have a job for life, with a decent paycheck and good benefits and the occasional promotion.
  • 我们所有人都知道工作的重要性,不仅仅是为了一份薪水,也为了心灵的平静,这份平静是随着你能供养自己的家庭而来。
    All of us know how important work is – not just for the paycheck, but for the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can provide for your family.
  • 我这星期领到的薪水不多。
    My paycheck is not much this week.
  • 在你去看整形医生之前,在你花掉一半薪水在昂贵的抗衰老霜上之前,事实上,在你采取一切行动之前,先涂上防晒霜。
    Before you see the plastic surgeon, before you plunk down half a paycheck on that pricey anti-aging cream, in fact, before you do anything, put on sunscreen.
  • 储蓄:我至少将每次薪水的10%用于储蓄。
    Save: I save at least 10% of each paycheck.
  • 我们的薪水,头衔或者其他人为的标准让我们临时步入所谓的上流社会。
    Our paycheck, our title, or some other artificial yardstick gives us temporary entrée into the world of The Accepted.
  • 一个人对法律和秩序的尊重程度和他薪水的多少成精确的正比例关系。
    A man's respect for law and order exists in precise relationship to the size of his paycheck.
  • 如果你想要一大堆的责任和厚实的薪水,那么你定义的梦想工作就必须是薪水高的工作。
    If you want a lot of responsibility and a big paycheck, then your dream job by definition needs to pay well.
  • 毕竟,在你开始一个可靠的策略之前,你不想放弃一份稳定薪水所带来的安全感。
    After all, you don't want to give up the security of a steady paycheck before you have a solid game plan.
  • 由于她从不看薪水里的钱,所以她的钱从来就没有流失过。
    Because she never saw the money in her paycheck, she never missed it.
  • 每回只要从薪水里面扣除几元钱。
    It’s only a few dollars every paycheck.
  • 合理安排,让这些钱少动用你的薪水。
    Arrange to have the money withdrawn from your paycheck.
  • 而当妳像上次所做的一样来这里发表一段声明关于:「噢,这是我的薪水支票(教书只是糊口的工作)…」的确,它是!
    And when you come in here like you did last time and make a statement about, "oh, this is my paycheck…" Indeed, it is!
  • 我把每周薪水的部分都存到一个帐户里。
    I put a portion of my weekly paycheck into a savings account.