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reinforcement patch for pocket - 袋角加固布
patch h pocket skirt - 贴补袋裙
patch h pocket - 明袋
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Bilingual sentences

  • 内政部两旁是在绒面革,并设有一个拉链和贴袋和手机的利基。
    Interior is lined in suede and features a zipper and patch pocket and mobile niche.
  • 一个大型室内贴袋和手机的利基。
    One large interior patch pocket and mobile niche.
  • 内政部两旁是协调一个管理单元补丁移动众和一个大的拉链口袋口袋棉演习。
    Interior is lined in coordinating cotton drill with one snap-patch pocket with a mobile niche and one large zip pocket.
  • 然而,疏水斑区和疏水袋上的改变,却大大影响蛋白质结构、稳定性和基本性质。
    It also demonstrated that mutation on the residues at hydrophobic patch or pocket affects the structure, stability and basic properties of the proteins.
  • 同时在箱体的前、后端下部分别设置抽屉,后端同时附设贴袋。
    Meanwhile drawers are respectively arranged at the lower parts of the front end and rear end of the box body, a patch pocket is attached at the rear end.
  • 一扣皮瓣修补口袋和一个按钮,通过补丁在胸口的口袋里。
    One buttoned-flap patch pocket and one button-through patch pocket at the chest.
  • 在左胸前的补丁口袋。
    Patch pocket at left chest.
  • 衣里不做口袋与手巾袋。缝纫贴袋更简易并给人一种轻松、随意的感觉。
    All inner pocket details and welt pockets have been eliminated. Patch pockets are easier to sew and offer a more casual look.
  • 补丁在左胸前的口袋里保持记分卡在手的理想。95%棉,5%涤纶。
    Patch pocket at the left chest is ideal for keeping scorecards at hand. 95% cotton, 5% polyester.
  • 按钮前胸贴袋弹性腰围一键飞裤腿长,约32“棉花;
    Button front Chest patch pocket Elastic waist One-button fly Inseam, about 32" Cotton;"
  • 重叠的手机袋和额外的配件口袋在前面的墙上。
    Full patch pocket with overlapping cell phone pocket and additional accessory pocket at the front wall.
  • 这种保守的表面补丁和深口袋负责分别与PP2A和ATP结合。
    The conserved surface patch and the deep pocket are responsible for binding to PP2A and ATP, respectively.