over-the-counter drugs

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over-the-counter drugs - 非处方药,非处方药物,过度的非处方药
over-the counter drugs - 非处方药物
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Bilingual sentences

  • FDA说,在指导下使用非处方药仍然是安全有效的。
    The FDA said over-the-counter drugs remain safe and effective when used as directed.
  • 为有助于医生为你选择最合适的药物,你应该将目前尚在服用的所有其他药物告诉医生,这包括中草药保健品和非处方药物。
    To help your doctor select the most appropriate medication for you, tell him or her all the other medications you're taking now — including herbal supplements and over-the-counter drugs.
  • 除此之外,多备几瓶阿司匹林和其他一些成药,这样就够你用一年的。
    Additionally, store up bottles of aspirin and other common over-the-counter drugs that we all tend to use from time to time throughout the year.
  • 一些非处方药能够减轻你的鼻炎。
    Some over-the-counter drugs can help alleviate your sinus problems.
  • 你不需要医生的处方就可以买成药。
    You don't need a doctor's prescription to buy over-the- counter drugs.
  • FDA说,在指导下使用非处方药仍然是安全有效的。但是,扑热息痛若与酒精同服,或大量使用可导致严重的肝损害。
    The FDA said over-the-counter drugs remain safe and effective when used as directed. However, acetaminophen taken with alcohol or in large doses can cause serious liver damage.
  • 或者买一些非处方药来帮助缓解过敏症状。
    Or buy some over-the-counter allergy drugs to help relieve the allergy symptoms.
  • 这也可以帮你的牙医知道所有处方名字和你服用的非处方药。
    It will also help your dentist to know the names of all prescription and over-the-counter drugs you take.
  • 唐纳德·里克是一家非处方药通讯《非处方产品新闻》的编辑,他说:“这种严重的系统性的问题实在是罕见。”
    “This is really unusual to have this gross systemic failure,” says Donald Riker, the editor of OTC Product News, an industry newsletter on over-the-counter drugs.
  • 所以,象视力或听力下降,身体活动能力减弱,越来越健忘或处方药与非处方药造成的影响,这类问题我们很难注意到。
    Consequently, issues like vision or hearing loss, decreasing physical activity, growing forgetfulness, or the impact of prescription and over-the-counter drugs are hardly noticed.
  • 你现在服用任何处方或以上的非处方药?
    Are you currently taking any prescription or over-the-counter drugs?
  • 提到非处方药,很多人都觉得无所谓,觉得“它们不会真的伤害我,对吧?”
    When it comes to over-the-counter drugs, many people have a blasé attitude, thinking "They can't really hurt me, right?"
  • 他们是否会花时间让你瞭解如何使用这些药且有哪些药是不能一起用的?
    Will they take the time to make sure you understand how to take the medicine and what over-the-counter drugs you should not take with it?