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on top of - 在,……,熟练掌握
on the top of - 在…,在,在…顶上
on te top of - 在…顶部
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熟练; 掌握; 另外; 在...之上
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Bilingual sentences

  • 这座花园位于地势连绵起伏的汉普郡的一处山岗上,环境十分优美。
    The garden is in a beautiful situation on top of a fold in the rolling Hampshire landscape.
  • 你会看到父亲站在梯子的最高处测量呢。
    You'll find father on top of the ladder, measuring up.
  • 我曾经有过一次精神崩溃,好像天塌了一样。
    I had a nervous breakdown, everything just seemed to cave in on top of me.
  • 冰箱上显眼地摆放着许多药瓶。
    There was an impressive array of pill bottles stacked on top of the fridge
  • 他们站在小山之巅,饱览这花园城市的美景。
    They stood on top of the hill, drinking in the beauty of the garden city.
  • 房子孤零零地坐落在一座小山顶上。
    The house stands alone on top of a small hill
  • 橱柜顶上摆着帕特用来插干花的大草篮。
    On top of the cupboards are vast straw baskets which Pat uses for dried flower arrangements
  • 圣诞树顶上的仙子
    the fairy on top of the Christmas tree
  • 一群年轻人将他们的旗帜升到那座备受争议的纪念碑顶上。
    A group of youths hoisted their flag on top of the disputed monument.
  • 除了去年被裁掉的2,000个职位,还有700个岗位在裁撤中。
    An extra 700 jobs are being cut on top of the 2,000 that were lost last year.
  • 天很黑,又下着雨,路更难走了。
    On top of it being dark, it rained, which made the going even tougher.
  • 在这个地区,你可清楚地看到一层层不同的岩层。
    In this part of the country you can see the rock beds clearly, one on top of the other.
  • 生贾森前的两个月,她辞工回家,感觉无比幸福。
    Two months before she gave birth to Jason she left work feeling on top of the world.
  • 最重要的是,他的脚程非常快。
    On top of that, he's very, very fast.
  • 最近事情太多,压得我透不过气来。
    Things have been getting on top of me lately.
  • 她粗硬的头发向上梳起,在头顶乱糟糟地盘成了个发髻。
    Her wiry hair was pushed up on top of her head in an untidy bun.
  • 公园位于一片煤田上。
    The park lies on top of a coalfield.
  • 城头飘扬着红旗。
    Red flags are flying on top of the city wall.
  • 我们站在山顶上,饱览这美丽的风景。
    We stood on top of the hill, drinking in the beautiful view.
  • 拣出好的水果,码放在奶油上。
    Pick over the fruit and pile on top of the cream.
  • 他挨了骂不算,还挨了一顿打。
    On top of getting yelled at, he got a beating as well.
  • 在明星云集的锦标赛上位列积分榜第一,我非常高兴。
    I'm delighted to be on top of the leaderboard in a tournament that has so many star names playing.
  • 池塘表面有一层黏腻腻的污泥。
    There was an unappealing film of slime on top of the pond.
  • 一个高20英尺的钢质角锥体将被吊起,安装在塔的顶部。
    A twenty-foot steel pyramid is to be hoisted into position on top of the tower