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Dictionary explanation
n. 无处;任何地方;无名之地
adj. 不存在的;毫无结果的;不知名的
adv. 无处;任何地方都不;毫无结果
Web explanation
Nowhere - 无处,艾希尔,无门
Nowhere Man - ひとりぼっちのあいつ,Nowhere Man,Nowhere Man
Nowhere Boy - 无处的男孩,片,不羁前传
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哪里都不 / 毫无进展 / 远离 / 远非
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没有什么地方; 任何地方; 不知名的地方; 乌有
无处, 到处都无
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Bilingual sentences

  • 我饥寒交迫,甚至连睡觉的地方都没有。
    I'm hungry, I'm cold and I've nowhere to sleep.
  • 如果你非常有钱,那就住赖斯利普宫廷酒店吧,没有比它更好的地方了。
    If you are extremely rich, you could stay nowhere better than the Ruislip Court Hotel.
  • 在世界其他地方找不到这样的森林。
    This kind of forest exists nowhere else in the world
  • 游说未取得一点结果,一定让人非常沮丧。
    It must be terribly frustrating to lobby and get absolutely nowhere.
  • 迈克尔焦急地顺着走廊望去,可根本看不到威尔弗雷德的影儿。
    Michael glanced anxiously down the corridor, but Wilfred was nowhere to be seen
  • 无处可藏,也无处可逃。
    There was nowhere to hide and nowhere to run
  • 一辆轿车不知从什么地方突然冒了出来,我只得向后跳到树篱中躲避,险些躲不及。
    A car came from nowhere, and I had to jump back into the hedge just in time
  • 越狱的囚犯已经无影无踪了。
    The escaped prisoner was nowhere in sight
  • 你说得对,但我们压根没讲过这艘游艇的特色是独一无二的。
    Point taken, but nowhere did we suggest that this yacht's features were unique
  • 没有哪个地方像夏威夷那样,语言成了如此重要的问题。
    Nowhere is language a more serious issue than in Hawaii
  • 克罗斯比断言说:“我们一无所获,在做无用功。”
    'Getting nowhere fast,' pronounced Crosby, 'that's what we're doing.'
  • 别花言巧语了,吹捧是不会使你捞到好处的!
    Cut out the banana oil; flattery will get you nowhere!
  • 他没给出具体的历史背景来支撑他的论点。
    He nowhere offers concrete historical background to support his arguments
  • 他根本没有可称为家的地方。
    He had nowhere to call home.
  • 他坐的那把椅子远不如他书桌后面那把定做的舒服。
    The chair he sat in was nowhere near as comfortable as the custom-designed one behind his desk.
  • 山丘上突然冒出一幢幢的房子。
    Houses had sprung up out of nowhere on the hills.
  • 我们到公园里去了,其他什么地方也没去。
    We went to the park and nowhere else.
  • 我脑子一直在不停地围绕着同一个问题转啊转,但一无所获。
    My mind won't stop going round and round on the same subject and I seem to be getting nowhere
  • 我没有其他地方可去,在这个世界上没有任何地方。
    I have nowhere else to go, nowhere in the world
  • 如果出了问题,根本无处可躲,没有哪个机构会庇护你,让你免受指责。
    There is nowhere to hide when things go wrong, no organisation to cocoon you from blame
  • 他没地方贴海报了。
    He has nowhere to stick up his posters
  • 哦,停下!这样不会有结果的。
    Oh, stop it! This is getting us nowhere.
  • 黄昏时,我们在茫茫荒野中扎营。
    At dusk we pitched camp in the middle of nowhere.
  • 他还远没有从自己的经历中走出来。
    He's nowhere near recovered yet from his experiences
  • 这些漂泊不定的年轻人没有其他地方可去。
    These rootless young people have nowhere else to go.
  • 在提交的议事日程上找不到对大部分普通人来说最重要的议题。
    The most important issue for most ordinary people was nowhere on the proposed agenda.
  • 照这样下去是行不通的。
    If we go on like this, we'll get nowhere.
  • 他们还远不够好。
    They are nowhere near good enough
  • 他去外边拿杜松子酒了,烟不知放哪儿了。
    He had gone out to get the gin. The cigarettes were nowhere.
  • 一艘渔船不知从什么地方冒了出来,就在正前方。
    A fishing boat came out of nowhere, dead ahead.