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adj. 值得注意的;显著的
Web explanation
noteworthy - 值得注意的,显着的,值得注目的
noteworthy features - 值得注意的特点,显着特点
Noteworthy Music - 卓越音乐公司
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Bilingual sentences

  • 每年最常被查找的字,尤其是在值得注意的选举前的选季。 以此入选。
    Selected as one of the most frequently looked up words each year, especially in a campaign season preceding noteworthy elections.
  • 再次说明,这只是一部分清单,还有很多其他比较不那么显著的改变,而还有一些可能我已经忘了。
    Again, this is a short list — there are others that are less noteworthy, and probably a few I’m forgetting.
  • 此库的一个显著特征是这些小部件都有客户端功能。
    A noteworthy feature of this library is that these widgets have client capabilities.
  • 另一个值得注意的改进是插件架构的引入。
    Another noteworthy enhancement is the introduction of plug-in architecture.
  • 在此情况下,我们将预期更改与异常更改(或者至少为值得注意的更改)进行了区分。
    In this case, we differentiate the expected from the abnormal, or at least the noteworthy.
  • 另外值得注意的是:我编写这一技巧文章期间使用(并修改)的 CSS2 样式表。
    Also noteworthy is the CSS2 style sheet that I used (and modified) during the writing of the tip.
  • 这是哈里森在白宫最显著的成就.
    It is Harrison's most noteworthy accomplishment in office.
  • 特别值得注意的是这款车型甚至在纯电动模式下能行驶20英里。
    Especially noteworthy is that even this model has an electric-only mode that will last up to 20 miles.
  • 为了支持转出,针对不同的业务需求,DB2 分区特性有一些值得注意的特性。
    For supporting roll-out, DB2 partitioning features have some noteworthy features geared to different business needs.
  • 伯特先生掏出一个笔记本写下他认为值得注意的事情。
    Mr. Porter took out a notebook and wrote down anything he thought noteworthy.
  • 不过,也有一个值得注意的例外,那就是乘车人。
    There is one noteworthy exception, however, and that is motorcyclists.
  • 他说,由于非营利机构严重依靠捐款,在经济不景气时往往比大部分机构遭受的冲击都要大,所以这个领域的招聘增多尤其值得注意。
    The increase in business is especially noteworthy, he adds, given that nonprofits tend to suffer more than most organizations in bad economies since they rely heavily on donations.
  • 文中还提到在本系列的其他文章中没有讲到的其他一些值得注意的增强。
    It also mentions a few of the other noteworthy enhancements that are not covered in the other articles in this series.
  • 不论什么时候你碰到有意义和值得注意的事,把它写进你的手册里。
    Whenever you come across something that is meaningful and noteworthy, incorporate that into your book.