not ever

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not ever - 未尝
But Not Long Ever - 但不久
not necessarilynot ever - 未尝
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Bilingual sentences

  • 绝对不要说类似于“我很抱歉,让你生气了”的话。
    Do not ever say "I'm sorry you tookoffense to it" or something similar.
  • 用硅来替换碳是流传最广的,也是科幻作家最喜欢的假设,但至今仍没有成为定论。
    The most fabled, much loved by science fiction authors but not ever established, is the substitution of silicon for carbon.
  • 难道我们就不能老老实实地承认有些事情是永远无法以常理去解释的吗?
    Can’t we acknowledge, logically, that some things cannot and will not ever be explained rationally?
  • "一件事以往一贯这么处理,我们也不认为它就一定是最佳的处理方式," Merrill说.
    "We're about not ever accepting that the way something has been done in the past is necessarily the best way to do it today," he says.
  • 尽管我们可能永远无法衡量我们的潜力,但我们可以养成良好的习惯帮助我们成长。
    Even though we may not ever be able to measure our potential, we can develop habits to help us grow. Here are 7 essentials I’ve found to ensure that you are the best possible version of yourself
  • 我们的调查显示电脑的维修的花费和购买售后服务的花费大致相当,但售后服务你可能永远不需要。
    Our survey data suggests that on average, computer repairs cost about the same as a plan, which you may not ever use.
  • 当别人在说话或是在向你解释什么的时候,不要打断他。
    Do not ever interrupt someone while they are talking, or explaining you something.
  • 结婚的双方彼此之间根本谈不上温柔,你会发现:如果他们相互之间客客气气,那么往往是这样:除了身体上的接触外,他们的关系是一种非常平淡的亲情关系。
    Married people are not ever tender with each other, you will notice: if they are mutually civil it is much: and physical contacts apart, their relation is that of a very moderate intimacy.
  • 我不认为投机是不正当的,但是就投机效果而言,一些事情并没有发生或者说大概永远也不会发生。
    I don’t mean speculative as in untrue, but speculative in the sense that they reflect something that hasn’t happened yet and might not ever happen.
  • 永远不要谈自己曾和谁约会过或者自己的前女友。
    Do not ever talk about dates you have had with other people or your ex-girlfriends.
  • 大家都瞒着她,她有口臭,没有人会告诉她,即使是她最亲密的朋友也没有告诉她。
    Unbeknownst to her, she suffered from bad breath and no one would tell her, not ever her closest friends.
  • 可以对这些配置进行更改,主要是通过添加新的登录模块,但是不应该将它们删除。
    These configurations can be altered, mainly by adding new login modules, but they should not ever be removed.
  • 彼得森在最近举行的记者招待会上振臂高呼,发誓“从未滥用权力,现在不会,以后也不会。”
    Mr Paterson, with arm raised, swore during a recent press conference, “I have never abused my office, not now, not ever.”
  • “有时人们会表现得他们没时间陪你,因为他们是社会名流,” 她说, “看上去你不值得他们花时间。
    “Sometimes people like that will act like they don’t have time for you because of their celebrity status,” she said. “It’s like you’re not ever worth their time.
  • 实际上,你不能转动一个双键,它使得你的分子很坚固。
    So really, you can not ever rotate a double bond, it makes your molecule very rigid.
  • 他们不能直接看着物体或者人,对一些命令没有反应。
    They do not ever look directly at objects or people, nor do they respond to commands.
  • 千万不要试图挑逗她或者玩别的什么花招,她会很快表现出她的脾气。
    Do not ever try to tease her or else, she will be quick to show her tantrums.