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n. 神经
Web explanation
neuro - 神经,魔人侦探脑啮涅罗,光学神经芯片
efferent neuro - 传出神经元
neuro ophthalmology - 神经眼科学,眼科学
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Bilingual sentences

  • 首先,解决“身体“问题的途径,并不局限于一个单一的学科,例如生物或神经生理学,而是建立在对意识,进行反思的基础上。
    First of all the avenue to the body problem does not lead through a single discipline for instance biology or neuro physiology but rather unfolds in the course of reflection upon the consciousness.
  • 那样的话,板载神经控制硬件就会有足够的电力来操纵甲虫,也就是说,控制甲虫飞行的能力基本上取决于从飞行中所获得的电力。
    That’s enough power to run the onboard neuro-hardware needed to manipulate the beetles--which means basically the ability to tell a Green June beetle to fly depends on the power generated from flight.
  • 这项研究会经常使用到神经成像技术,来帮助我们更清楚的了解当人学习或使用多种语言时脑子里发生了什么。
    The research, often involving the use of neuro-imaging techniques, is helping us to understand more clearly what happens in the brain when a person learns or uses more than one language.
  • 身体锻炼还能促进神经元的再生,这可以帮助人们提高大脑的认知能力,增强记忆力,减少神经性疾病的发生。
    Physical exercise, through the revitalization of neurons, helps to the increase of cognitive and brain functions, boosts memory and reduces the chances for neuro-degenerative diseases.
  • 指导我们的教育和子女教养策略的是促进积极变化的神经逻辑学。
    Neuroplasticity research reveals that intelligence can be changed and guides us to educational and parenting strategies are neuro-logical to promote positive changes.
  • 那个穿着体面地男人就是卡尔顿 阿姆斯特朗博士,一个专攻神经外科的医生。
    That well dressed man was Dr. Carlton Armstrong, a surgeon, specializing in neuro-surgery.
  • 对神经感染性西尼罗河疾病患者的治疗为支持性治疗,通常包括住院、静脉输液、呼吸支持和预防继发感染。
    Treatment is supportive for patients with neuro-invasive West Nile virus, often involving hospitalization, intravenous fluids, respiratory support, and prevention of secondary infections.
  • 不久前,神经科学家使用一个单一的电极植入皮质以记录单个神经元细胞的活动,相信是与单一的思维和形象相关。
    Recently neuro scientists have implanted single electrodes in the cortex to record the activity of single neurons believed to be associated with a single thought or image.
  • 神经重症监护病房的医生相信,在并发症的损伤到来之前的 24 至 48 小时之内,延迟缺血的指标已经在 200 多项与治疗相关的数据中有所体现。
    Physicians in the Neuro-ICU believe indicators of delayed ischemia appear somewhere in 200 treatment-related data points 24 to 48 hours before the complication's devastating arrival.
  • 肯尼博士的同僚保罗·约翰逊说:“这项研究将为证明肥胖及毒瘾具有相同的神经生物学基础提供充分的证据。”
    “This is the most complete evidence to date that suggests obesity and drug addiction have common neuro-biological foundations, ” said Paul Johnson, Dr Kenny’s work colleague.
  • 从那儿这些图像不断地补上传几层楼上的UCLA神经影像实验室里的一台超级计算机里。
    From there the image is instantly uploaded to a supercomputer in UCLA's Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, a few floors above.
  • 她接受了一种名为“神经语言疗程”的专业心理治疗法。
    She was cured using a specialist psychotherapy technique called Neuro-linguistic programming.
  • 这与世卫组织的估计形成鲜明对照,即所有疾病负担的13%是由一系列广泛的神经 - 精神障碍造成的。
    This is in stark contrast to WHO's estimate that 13% of all disease burden is caused by the wide range of neuro-psychiatric disorders.
  • 它们不能被一概而论为有机和神经生物的活动过程,这是另一种形态的存在论,如果可以将其归为存在论的话。
    They cannot be reduced to organic and neuro biological processes This is a different type of ontology if ontology is ever the right label to give it.