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Dictionary explanation
n. 疏忽,忽视;怠慢
vt. 疏忽,忽视;忽略
Web explanation
Neglect - 忽视,忽略,疏忽
neglect n - 疏忽,忽略,轻视
immune neglect - 犯下免疫忽视,免疫忽略
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忽视, 漏做, 疏忽
疏忽, 怠慢, 忽略
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Bilingual sentences

  • 你可能会将自己投入到工作项目的空间,以此获得成功而达到一个新的高度,那时你其实已经有意地忽视了生活中的其他领域。
    You might go into a cave to work on a project to take your success to a new level and intentionally neglect the other areas of your life.
  • 这就让他们忽略了更简单的弹性的性质。
    This tempted them to neglect the simpler quality of resilience.
  • 但是,如果你开始忽略她,不再思念她,不再把她留在心里,你们的关系很快就会枯萎和破裂。
    But, if you start to neglect her, stop thinking about her, and not keeping her in your heart, your relationship will soon wither and evaporate.
  • 但是:不要忽略了对你的治理应有的支持。
    But: Do not neglect appropriate support for your governance.
  • 你不能忽视自己而找到幸福。
    You cannot neglect yourself and find happiness.
  • 应用程序唯一可以隐藏自己的方式是忽略将其图标放置于启动器中的行为。
    The only way an app can hide itself is to neglect to put an icon in the launcher.
  • 他可能因过失或疏忽而被控告。
    He is chargeable with a fault or neglect.
  • 如果你同时忽略了以上这两份文件,你的生命就可能掌握在一个你不信任的人的手中。
    If you neglect both of these health care documents, your life might be in the hands of someone you don't trust.
  • 这是一个我们绝不能忽略的因素。
    This is a factor which we must not neglect.
  • 在加强国际防扩散努力的同时,我们不应忽视推进军控与裁军进程,尤其是核裁军进程的重要性。
    While strengthening international non-proliferation efforts, we shall not neglect the importance of advancing arms control and disarmament process, in particular nuclear disarmament.
  • 既不要想当然地对待你的生活,也不要忽视它的存在。
    Don't take your life for granted. Don't neglect it either.
  • 我们绝对不能忽略知识的价值。
    We can never neglect the value of knowledge.
  • 例︰此外¸我们不应忽视每个人都想要一个温馨祥和的社会。
    In addition, we should not neglect that everyone wants a friendly and peaceful society.
  • 而另一方面我们认为那些拒绝或忽略作调整的人是悲哀的、沮丧的、困惑的。
    And on the other hand we call people who refuse or neglect to make adjustments sad, frustrated or confused.
  • 然而,您经常忽视(或不能)在模型中加入适当级别的精确度。
    However, you often neglect (or are unable) to add in the appropriate level of precision into your models.
  • 然而,我还是很惊讶于没几个人常规性地做这件事情,同样也对疏忽常规机器设置的IT管理员数量感到吃惊。
    However, I am always surprised at how few people regularly do this — or how many IT admins neglect to set up machines to do this regularly.
  • 如果我们选择忽视它,那么它将逐渐消失。
    And should we choose to neglect it, it will simply fade away.
  • 谁也不能忽视人类所积累的经验。
    None can afford to neglect the accumulated experience of man.