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Dictionary explanation
adj. 最近的(near的最高级)
Web explanation
Nearest - 最近点,最近,最近点捕捉
The nearest - 最近的,就近任选,最接近
nearest land - 最近陆地
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附近 / 接近 / 几乎
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亲近的, 近的, 亲密的
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Bilingual sentences

  • 我在最近的一家商店的橱窗前站了一会儿。
    I stood for a few moments in front of the nearest shop window.
  • 他走到最近的卫生间,进了一个小隔间后把门反锁上。
    He made his way to the nearest toilet and locked himself in a cubicle.
  • 他们信步朝最近的商店走去。
    They wandered off in the direction of the nearest store
  • 我所知道最近的咖啡店离这里有十五分钟的脚程。
    The nearest coffee shop I know of is a fifteen-minute walk away.
  • 尼克将他们领到最近的座位上。
    Nick steered them into the nearest seats.
  • 我指了指坐得离我最近的男孩。
    I pointed at the boy sitting nearest me
  • 红色的松鼠,从最近的桠枝上溜下来,和我特别亲热,也特别好奇。
    The red squirrel, coursing down the nearest bough, was particularly familiar and inquisitive.
  • 你能告诉我去火车站最近的路吗?
    Can you tell me the nearest way to the station?
  • 他走回到桌旁,在两个空位子中挑了一个就近的坐下。
    He walked back to the table and sat at the nearest of two empty places
  • 绕远路反近,捷径常误人。
    The longest way round is the nearest way home.
  • 你是由最近的路来的吗?
    Did you come by the nearest road?
  • 他比劲敌乔纳森·福特少用了大概3秒钟完成了漫长的赛程。
    He completed the lengthy course some three seconds faster than his nearest rival, Jonathon Ford
  • 他想在自己银行离工作单位最近的网点开一个账户。
    He tried to open an account at the branch of his bank nearest to his workplace.
  • 咱们找个近便的饭馆吃点吧。
    Let's have a snack at the nearest restaurant.
  • 距离观者最近的前景是最后才画的。
    The foreground, nearest the viewer, is painted last.
  • 最近的城镇大约在沿河向上十英里处。
    The nearest town is about ten miles upstream.
  • 他们一安全抵岸,德克就飞快地奔向最近的电话。
    As soon as they were safely back to shore, Dirk raced for the nearest phone.
  • 世界冠军领先第二名2秒多钟到达终点。
    The world champion finished more than two seconds ahead of his nearest rival
  • 最近的安全泊地在新斯科舍省的哈利法克斯。
    The nearest safe anchorage was in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • 离桥最近的一些房屋着火了。
    Some of the houses nearest the bridge were on fire.
  • 司法行业看来是最不易受经济萧条影响的领域了。
    It would appear that the legal profession is the nearest thing to a recession-proof industry
  • 最近的厕所在西街。
    The nearest public conveniences are in West Street.
  • 从公司可以查到离你最近的零售商的名字。
    The name of your nearest stockist is available from the company.
  • 然后,分数被乘以100,取整为最接近的半数或整数。
    The fraction was then multiplied by 100 and rounded to the nearest half or whole number