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Bilingual sentences

  • 在我们周围,许许多多细节是我们肉眼没有留意到的,但是得益于这项摄影技术,我们终于能够看到并欣赏所有细节了。
    There is so much detail around us that goes unnoticed by the naked eye, but thanks to this type of photography, we get to see and appreciate all that detail.
  • 歌,让他们拿去,因为要有更大的魄力,才敢于赤身行走。
    Song, let them take it For there's more enterprise In walking naked.
  • 在本世纪早期,这一地区的一些印第安人常常赤身睡在吊床里。
    Some of the Indians of this region, earlier in the century, used to sleep naked in hammocks.