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n. 神话;神话学;神话集
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Bilingual sentences

  • 神话是指一些这样的故事,它们有关神或者半人半神的诞生及生平,也有时候是一些传奇英雄,讲述他们的一系列事迹。
    Mythology is used to describe stories that deal with The birth, the life events of gods and demi-gods, sometimes legendary heroes, but narrating a sequence of events.
  • 现代大城市简直是创造了一种嚎头十足的娱乐圈神话——能量充沛、物欲横流,文化与权力高度集中,仿佛街道都可以是黄金铺成的。
    There's a compelling showbiz mythology of the modern big city - the energy and the abundance, the proximity to culture and power, the streets that just might be paved with gold.
  • 另一些有趣的名字来源于神话。
    Another interesting group of names comes from mythology.
  • 埃特纳火山在罗马神话中占有一席之地。 它是火与锻冶之神的熔炉。
    Mount Etna holds a place in Roman mythology as the furnace of the god of fire and blacksmithing.
  • 作为一个神话的核心,正文中的旧威尔士史诗和神话让我为之津津乐道。
    Being a mythology nut, I relished the inclusion of the old Welsh epics and myths in the text.
  • 在上古神话中, 神与人之间没有不可逾越的鸿沟。
    In ancient mythology there was no impassable gulf separating the divine from the human beings.