mitigation cost

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mitigation cost - 减排成本
mitigation cost approach - 治理费用法
CO2 mitigation cost - CO2减排成本
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Bilingual sentences

  • 如果您采用了此策略,就紧紧地追踪开发成本并与那些采用了更积极的缓解策略的人比较。
    If you take this strategy, track the cost of development closely and compare it to those who take more aggressive mitigation strategies.
  • 它具有运能大、速度快、安全准时、成本低、节约能源、以及能缓解地面交通拥挤和有利于环境保护等优点。
    It has advantages such as large transport capacity, high velocity, safe, punctuality, low cost, energy conservation, as well as mitigation of ground traffic jam and environment protection.
  • 最后,研究了在预防和治理空间碎片时所采用的减缓策略,并对常用减缓策略从费用和技术两方面进行详细分析,并给出分析的结果。
    Then some useful mitigation strategies are analyzed carefully in the view of cost and technique. Analytical results are brought out at last.
  • 所以,在资助减缓和适应气候变化的代价时,要求富裕人群按照家庭支付更高的费用才合理。
    Therefore, when funding the costs of mitigation and adaptation in any given country, it seems fair to demand that the richest sections of society should pay the greatest cost per household.
  • 我们决定采取各种方法,包括使用碳交易市场的机会,来提高减排措施的成本效益,促进减排措施的实行;
    We decide to pursue various approaches including opportunities to use markets to enhance the cost-effectiveness of and to promote mitigation actions.
  • 研究还可能包括概率取决于感知风险和减灾成本分析。
    Studies may also include probabilistic analysis, depending on the perceived risk and cost of mitigation.
  • 同时,成本和购买能力等因素也在影响着设备安装和减缓气候变化策略的决定。
    Meanwhile, issues of cost and affordability also affect decisions on installation of equipment and mitigation strategies to reduce the impact of global warming.