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prep.在 ... 当中(=amidst)
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Dictionary explanation
n. 当中,中间
prep. 在…中间(等于amidst)
Web explanation
midst - 中部,中间,当中
midst link - 中间环节
midst layer - 中间层
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Bilingual sentences

  • 正当同学们热烈讨论的时候,老师进来了。
    The students were in the midst of a lively discussion when the teacher came in.
  • 埃莉诺在暴风雪大作时到达。
    Eleanor arrived in the midst of a blizzard.
  • 她得意洋洋地站在他们中间,为受人瞩目而高兴。
    She stood preening in their midst, delighted with the attention
  • 许多人看到他像这样暴露在一大群人中间都非常吃惊。
    Many were surprised to see him exposed like this in the midst of a large crowd
  • 您在我们奋力抗争时发来的电文让我充满了敬意。
    I greatly esteem your message in the midst of our hard struggle.
  • 即使处于痛苦当中,你仍会充满赞美和感恩。
    You shall be filled with praises and thanksgiving, even in the midst of pain.
  • 正在他觉得很无奈的时候,一个令人欣慰的想法冒了出来。
    In the midst of his feelings of impotence, a comforting thought arrived.
  • 小屋在森林深处。
    The but is in the midst of the forest.
  • 我们正处在多年来最严重的一次经济衰退之中。
    We are in the midst of one of the worst recessions for many, many years.
  • 我们当中有小偷。
    There is a thief in our midst.
  • 安杰洛小心翼翼地把枪放在桌上的一堆手册和文件中间。
    Angelo laid the gun carefully on the table, in the midst of brochures and other papers.
  • 他要去森林中野餐。
    He wanted the picnic to be in the midst of the forest.
  • 却从他们中间穿过去,走开了。
    But he, passing through their midst, went away.
  • 她在百忙中为我腾出了时间。
    She had made time for me in the midst of her busy schedule
  • 他在那次战役中奋勇作战。
    He fought bravely in the midst of the battle.
  • 在我们中间有这样一个人是我们的幸运。
    We're lucky to have such a man in our midst.
  • 我来告诉你们,我们中间出了叛徒。
    And I answer, we have a traitor in our midst.
  • 国会正在修订国家银行法规。
    Congress is in the midst of rewriting the nation's banking laws
  • 处在教会人士当中她感到格格不入。
    She was out of place in the midst of the church.
  • 那武士在战斗中毫不感到惧怕。
    The knight felt no fear in the midst of battle.
  • 我在工作中趁隙休息了一个钟头。
    In the midst of my work I snatched an hour's rest.