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Dictionary explanation
n. 手段;方法;财产
v. 意思是;打算(mean的第三人称单数) [ 复数means ]
Web explanation
Means - 手段,方法,资料
Pythagorean means - 毕达哥拉斯平均
by means - 经由,依靠,当作
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Bilingual sentences

  • “我可以过来看看你的房子吗?”“当然可以。”
    'Can I come and have a look at your house?' — 'Yes by all means'.
  • 量入为出地一步步偿还旧债,这个方法要好得多。
    It is far better to pay off old debts steadily by living within your means.
  • 活动房屋通过一系列复杂的软管、管道和连杆与汽车相连。
    The trailer was connected to the car by means of a complicated system of hoses, pipes and rods.
  • 本课程为期两年,授课形式为讲座与研讨。
    This is a two year course taught by means of lectures and seminars
  • 生产资料应当属国家所有。
    The means of production should be owned by the state.
  • 膝关节和踝关节必须加以固定——这通常意味着要打上6个星期的石膏。
    The knee and ankle joints must be immobilized — this usually means up to six weeks in plaster.
  • 方法都用绝了。
    All possible means and ways have been tried.
  • 这丝毫不足为奇。
    This is by no means out of the ordinary
  • 他这种看法决不是凭空产生的。
    His view is by no means without foundation.
  • 这就意味着,至少所有的选择都已经摆到了桌面上。
    It means that all the options are at least on the table.
  • 这个数字意味着产量提高了一倍。
    This numeral means a onefold increase in production.
  • 我想,他是想说at,而不是to。
    I think he means 'at' rather than 'to'
  • 分歧被掩盖了,但是绝没有得到完全解决。
    Differences were papered over but by no means were they fully resolved.
  • 他没有钱来补偿她。
    He did not have the means to compensate her.
  • 对某些人来说这是一大笔钱。
    This means big bucks for someone.
  • 不过,他们并没有结束,绝对没有。
    They were not finished, however, not by any means.
  • 我绝对不是一个不合群的人。
    I am by no means an unsociable person.
  • 这些设计中的兼收并蓄意味着难以界定一个总体的风格。
    The eclecticism of the designs means it is difficult to define one overall look.
  • 采取这项举措是为了打击犯罪。
    The move is a means to fight crime
  • 这是如何利用电视进行劝服的一个实际例子。
    It was an object lesson in how to use television as a means of persuasion.
  • 这场冲突使他同时失去了住所和生计来源。
    As a result of this conflict he lost both his home and his means of livelihood.
  • 在原则问题上,我们必须态度鲜明,决不能模棱两可。
    On matters of principle we should be clear-cut in attitude, and by no means be equivocal.
  • 企业经理一心只想用尽办法增加个人财富。
    Business managers are focused on increasing their personal wealth by any available means.
  • 得到的礼物越多,她的胃口就越大,直到他捉襟见肘为止。
    The more gifts she received, the more she craved, until he was living beyond his means