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Dictionary explanation
vt. marinate的变形
Web explanation
Marinated - 腌制,卤的,浸泡
Marinated Squid - 咸鱿鱼
Marinated Tofu - 素鸭
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浸泡; 浸泡在卤汁中
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Bilingual sentences

  • 柠檬角,腌橄榄,吞拿鱼,鸡尾洋葱,葵花籽。
    Wedges Lemon, Marinated Olives, Tuna Tin, Onion Pickles, Sunflower Seeds.
  • 一盘热菜毛肚、两盘凉菜黄瓜和西红柿,一盘馒头和“两碗”西瓜“汤”。
    One hot dish of Marinated Pork Tripe, two cold dishes of cucumber and tomato, one dish of steamed bread and two "bowls" of watermelon'soup '.
  • 加入腌制好的牛排,中火煎制4分钟左右。
    Put in the marinated beef, pan-fry for4 minutes over medium heat.
  • 我还要个开胃品,要卤鲱鱼。
    And I'd like an appetizer too, please* The marinated herring.
  • 好的,我要点熏鱼、肉冻、蒜泥黄瓜和凉拌海蜇。
    Yes, I'd like a smoked fish, aspic, cold cucumber with garlic, and marinated seaweed.
  • 上面的浇头另算。一张白比萨(不加红酱,由大蒜、奶酪和腌制番茄制成的浇头)售价为120.99美元。
    Toppings are extra and a white pizza-no red sauce, but garlic, cheese and marinated tomatoes-costs$ 120.99.
  • 他们这里闻名的是不同种类腌制法的肉类,也是他们独特的地方。
    Their famous items, Various kind of marinated meat, these are their unique selling point also.
  • 牛排和肌肉都。浸泡在卤汁中,我还买了些可以装牛肉馅的圆形面包。
    The steaks and chicken are marinated and I also bought hamburger buns.