make loss

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Bilingual sentences

  • 自然灾害是由自然原因引起的、给人的生命财产和社会生活环境造成损失的现象。
    Natural disasters are phenomena caused by nature which can make loss to life, property as well as the surrounding social environment.
  • 牛津大学在编制预算时预计了已是第四年出现的亏损。
    John Hood said the university was budgeting to make a loss for the fourth year in a row.
  • 这条路比单行道远50%,这就意味着你在路途上总体是亏损的。
    This is 50% longer and means you make a loss on the trip as a whole.
  • 她说:“跟其它公司一样,我们现在还是会收到海外的订单,但是没有人会去生产这些订单,外国人不想付合理的价钱,这样下来我们就会亏本。
    "We are still getting orders from abroad - all the factories are," she said. "But no one is taking them because we would make a loss.
  • 我会使你让减重变得简单而愉快。
    I'll make weight loss easy and enjoyable for you...
  • 这是显而易见的,但值得说,因为我一直惊讶于人们减肥的方式,它们比所需要的更为复杂。
    It sounds obvious, but it's worth saying, because I'm continually amazed at how people make weight loss way, way more complicated than it needs to be.
  • 只要在电影上没有损失我们就很高兴,并且必须承认我们的大电影的发行已经稳健获利。
    As long as we don’t make a loss on our films we are happy, and it must be said that our big film releases have made healthy profits.
  • 道德风险,指银行从业人员以放弃有关法规制度职业道德和本企业的效益为代价谋取个人利益行为。
    Moral risk, it means that the employee seek for own interest and benefit and give up the professional ethics and relative regulation, and thus make loss to the bank.
  • 如何有效管理操作风险、减少损失成为金融界最为关注的问题。
    How to evade operational risks and make loss minimum, become a hot topic of finance.
  • 你必须使这损失成为我的收获,我爱。
    You must make this loss good to me, my love.