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Dictionary explanation
n. 奢侈,奢华;奢侈品;享受
adj. 奢侈的
Web explanation
luxury - 奢侈,奢侈品,豪华
Luxury Car - 江城夏日,豪华轿车,豪华车
luxury good - 奢侈品,高档不俗,奢侈财
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Bilingual sentences

  • 有那么一些人他们只能从奢华的气息中享受到生活的乐趣。
    Some people fail to enjoy life fully, until they find the tincture of luxury in it.
  • 她和她的妻子有一个女儿,在奥斯陆以外的山区享受着颇为奢华的生活。
    She and her wife have a daughter and live a life of some luxury in the hills outside Oslo.
  • 在五年之后,这种豪华小轿车损失它买入价的84%。
    After five years, this luxury sedan loses 84% of its purchase price.
  • 宫廷的奢华生活使她变得萎靡不振。
    She was enervated by the luxury of palace life.
  • 在这个奢华的度假胜地,你可以像国王一样生活.
    In this luxury resort, you can live like a king.
  • 她过着奢华的生活。
    She is rolling in luxury.
  • 当然海外生活不总是令人兴奋和奢侈的。
    The overseas life is not always one of excitement and luxury.
  • 她不敢承认,旅行最终有一天必须恢复成为一种奢侈品。
    She dare not admit that travel must one day revert to being a luxury.
  • 它对我来说是一种奢侈。
    It is a luxury to me.
  • 请时刻记住,你的听众并不拥有这样的奢侈--把你的演讲减速或者重播。
    Always remember that your audiences do not have the luxury to rewind or slow down your speech.
  • 奢侈汽车的主人有机会细看手表的每一处细节位和完成的情况。
    The owner of luxury cars has the opportunity to specify every detail and completion of watch.
  • 如果你有一个豪华阵容,搭建一个分析报告服务,并可以接触到负责生成报告的那个人,那么你能够控制这些事情。
    If you have the luxury of setting up an analytics report or contacting the person who sets the report up, you can control these things.
  • 他们有了工作,然而第一件想要做的事就是买一辆豪华的轿车,因为他们看到经理们开着轿车,也想显示自己是大亨。
    They get a job and their first though is to buy a luxury vehicle because they see executives driving them and they want to be a big shot.
  • 它既能像一台普通豪华轿车那样低吟前行,而一旦你按下那个无所不在的“运动”按钮,车便咆哮着瞬间消失在路上。
    It could purr along like any luxury car or, at a press of the ubiquitous sport button, growl loudly as you disappear down the road.
  • 您是否会奢侈地提到有关该站点应该如何工作的详细问题?
    Do you have the luxury to ask very detailed questions on how the site should function?
  • 如果你有拒绝这些钱的的奢侈,这也许将会有帮助。
    Maybe that will help, if you have the luxury of turning down money.