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Dictionary explanation
v. 看;考虑;着眼于
Web explanation
Look At - 看着,看,看望
look up at - 往上看,仰头向上看,向上看
look black at - 怒视,愤怒地看
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看 / 浏览 / 考虑 / 看待
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Bilingual sentences

  • 他已经冷静了一段时间,能更加客观地看待所发生的事情。
    He has had time to cool down and look at what happened more objectively
  • 大人表达了他的愿望,希望法律委员会研究一下这一问题。
    His Lordship expressed the hope that the Law Commission might look at the subject.
  • 看看我的车都成什么样子了!
    Look at the state of my car!
  • 你看那边那个家伙,他穿着双红袜子。
    Look at that guy. He's got red socks
  • 他想看看那两头牛,它们都在反刍,眼睛都不抬一下。
    He wanted to have a look at the two oxen, both ruminating without raising their eyes.
  • 您能看一下我的背吗?我觉得有点儿不对劲。
    Can you look at my back? I think something's wrong.
  • 爸爸,快看我!
    Look at me, Daddy!
  • 我们已经成立了一个工作组去调查妇女复工的问题。
    We have set up a task force to look at the question of women returning to work.
  • 哦,看看那条狗!它太可爱了。
    Oh, look at that dog! He's so cute.
  • 这样固然很好,但我们必须从长远的角度来看待这一情形。
    This is all well and good, but we have to look at the situation in the long term.
  • 看看我的新上衣。
    Look at my new top.
  • 他是要求你看到问题的两面后再作出理性的决定。
    He's asking you to look at both sides of the case and come to a rational decision
  • 我能不能看一眼那个?
    Can I have a look at that?
  • 那男孩扮着鬼脸偷看了他父亲一眼。
    The boy stole a look at his father with grimace.
  • 如果你认为我不够仔细,就自己看看地图。
    In case you think I was incautious, take a look at the map.
  • 这要看你怎么看待它。
    It depends how you look at it.
  • 我得从疯狂的竞争中解脱出来,重新审视真实的世界。
    I had to get out of the rat race and take a look at the real world again.
  • 审视一下权位高于你的那些人,看他们具有哪种类型的性格。
    Look at the people above you in the positions of power and see what type of characters they are.
  • 你一看就会清楚的。
    You will be clear about it as soon as you look at it.
  • 我向休瞥了一眼。
    I flashed a look at Sue
  • 试着从我的角度来看这件事。
    Try to look at this from my point of view.
  • 我讲的时候大家把这个传一下,稍微看一眼。
    Just pass this round as I'm talking and take a little look at it
  • 我们能不能回过头来谈谈你的小学和中学教育?
    Can we just backtrack a little bit and look at your primary and secondary education?
  • 我觉得如果我更多地去看一些花园,就有可能更好地规划和设计它们。
    I think if I went to look at more gardens, I would be better on planning and designing them
  • 这是不是棒极了?看看那个!
    Isn't it fantastic? Just look at that!
  • 赖克特医生向我们展示了一种看待那些行为问题的新方法。
    Dr. Reichert has shown us a new way to look at those behavior problems.
  • 让我们看一下涉及的一些数字。
    Let's take a look at some of the figures involved.
  • 看看那月亮,它真漂亮,不是吗?
    Look at that moon. Is that beautiful or what?
  • 我坚持我们每辆车都应该看一下。
    I insisted that we should have a look at every car