leaning on

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Leaning On - 拄
constitute leaning solely on profit - 利欲熏心
Leaning On Your Shoulder - 靠着你肩膀
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Bilingual sentences

  • 我在高速公路前的一个岔道又开始了,我发现一辆蓝色的运货车停在那里,一个男人倚在车旁正四处打量。
    There was a slipway before the motorway started again and I noticed a blue van parked on it. The man leaning on it was looking over.
  • 我能永久倚靠有力双臂。
    I'm leaning on the everlasting arms.
  • 这一幅画一再地已经被再生,而且几乎每个人在栏杆上熟悉天童倾斜。
    This painting has been reproduced over and over again, and almost everyone is familiar with the cherubs leaning on the balustrade .
  • 其中一张照片是她戴着太阳镜,倚在一辆白色的马赛拉蒂车前。
    One showed her wearing sunglasses and leaning on the hood of a white Maserati.
  • 脚不要踏门槛。站立时,身体不要歪靠在一只脚。
    I will not step on doorsills or stand leaning on one leg.
  • 这种由一个老头子和一个老姑娘组成的家庭是一点不稀罕的,那种两老相依为命的情景总会令人怅然神往。
    These households comprised of an old man and an old spinster are not rare, and always have the touching aspect of two weaknesses leaning on each other for support.
  • 他们不应当斜靠在盘子上。
    They should not be placed leaning on the plate.
  • 崔佛:他靠在我身上靠了六个小时。
    Trev : He was leaning on me for six hours.
  • 由于那位售货员总是沮丧的倚在柜台上,不能集中精力销售,因此被解雇了。
    Owing to the salesman always leaning on the counter with depression so as not to concentrate on sales, she was dismissed.
  • 有一年十月的一天,他突然仙逝了。全家人都沉浸在悲痛之中,我们靠信念支撑着。我深深地怀念他,我知道他将永远和我们在一起。
    He died suddenly one October day. My family grieved deeply, leaning on our faith. I missed him terribly, though I knew he would always be a part of us.
  • 玛丽安喝醉了,有些头晕,坐在卡座里斜靠在尼克的肩膀上。
    Mary Ann was drunk and giddy, leaning on Nick’s shoulder in the booth.
  • 靠在你温暖的胸口。
    Leaning on your warm chest.
  • 你靠在我的围巾上了。
    You're leaning on my scarf.
  • 从第二轮开始,他转入防御,倚靠伸缩绳来吸收对方的功击力。
    From round two he went defensive, leaning on the slackened ropes to absorb blows.
  • 神甫对一个常常向上帝祈祷的信徒说:「 什么时候你才可以不依赖于上帝的恩泽而凭借自己的能力脚踏实地呢?」
    To a disciple who was always at his prayers the Master said, "When will you stop leaning on God and stand on your own two feet"?
  • 拥抱时靠在他的肩膀闻他身上的香水味是让人感觉非常幸福的一件事,可以让我非常安逸。
    Hug him leaning on the shoulder when the smell of perfume smell him feel very happy are one thing, you can let me make it very easy.
  • 或许你听到专家建议说,更新简历,仰仗人际关系,甚至是去尝试自己一直想做的事情,这些是多么重要。
    You might hear experts talk about the importance of updating your resume, leaning on your network of contacts and even starting that hobby you always wanted to try.
  • 有一年十月的一天,他忽然仙逝了。全家人都沉浸在悲痛之中,我们靠信念支撑着。我深深地怀念他,我知道他将永远和我们在一起。
    He died suddenly one October day. My family grieved deeply leaning on our faith. I missed him terribly though I knew he would always be a part of us.
  • 他手里拿着一杯饮料,靠在酒吧柜台上。
    He was leaning on the bar with a drink in his hand.
  • 他们会坐在那儿,身体靠着水肿发霉的大雨伞上,一边啃着硬饼干。
    They will sit there, for hours, leaning on great, dropsical , mildewed umbrellas, or eating Abernethy biscuits.