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lay stress on - 重视,强调,把重点放在
lay equal stress on - 并重
lay special stress on - 突出抓好,特别强调,奠定特别强调对
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把重点放在, 在...上用力
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Bilingual sentences

  • 其精神实质:一是重视和强调人的作用;二是注重提高人的综合素质。
    The first one is to lay stress on the role of persons.
  • 他把重点放在努力工作这一点上。
    He lay stress on the point about hard work.
  • 依据现场电视录像进行统计,着重探析了第42届世界乒乓球锦标赛所呈现出的几个特点。
    In the light of the telerecording statistics on spot, the authors lay stress on several features presented in the 42nd Word Tennis Championship.
  • 道德教育非常重要, 很多学校都很重视。
    Moral lessons are so important that quite a lot of schools lay stress on them.
  • 诚然,一个男人应当注意事业。
    Sure , a man should lay stress on his career .
  • 在外语教学中,教师应重视对学生语用能力的培养。
    In foreign language teaching, teachers should lay stress on the nurture of students' pragmatic competence.
  • 葛达玛承认,甚至坚持这点,正如我所说的,但他并不强调这个,因为“突然停下“所暗含的缺口,并不大。
    Gadamer acknowledges this, even insists on it as I say, but he doesn't lay stress on it because the gap that is implied in the need to be pulled up short is not a big one.
  • 在信息用户培训过程中应重点讲授个人数字图书馆的构建步骤。
    In the course of the training of the information clients, should lay stress on lecturing the procedures of constructing the individual digital library.
  • 本文结合教学实际,论述了注重教学艺术,激发学生的学习兴趣及兴趣教学中需要注意的问题。
    Linking with teaching practice, this article discusses how to lay stress on the teaching art, arouse students' learning interest and refer to the problems in need of attention in interesting teaching.
  • 随着世界经济全球化趋势的加剧,企业更加重视内部经济管理来提高参与市场竞争能力。
    With the world economy globalization trend aggravating, the enterprise all the more lay stress on internal economy management to enhance market competition ability.
  • 新闻作品的人情味是要求在写法上从人的角度写新闻,突出人的活动、人的作用和人的思想感情。
    Human interest of news works asks to write news at peoples angle, lay stress on peoples peoples, people s effect and peoples feeling.
  • 在不断加强历史学基础研究的同时,重视对策性和前瞻性问题的研究,体现出鲜明的时代精神。
    One must lay stress on studies of counter measure and would be issues in the process of strengthening basic studies of historiography and embody its distinct spirits of the times.
  • 学校应重视教师的心理健康,教师也应从各方面注意维护自身的心理健康。
    School authorities should lay stress on teachers' psychological health, and teachers themselves should also give much heed to maintaining their own psychological health.
  • 很多国家或地区的立法都重视对商业银行接管条件的规定。
    Many countries and areas lay stress on the conditions of take-over when legislation.
  • 民事裁判文书的语言运用,追求准确、规范、简洁、质朴、庄重。
    The use of language in the documents of civil judgement should lay stress on accuracy, standard, conciseness, simplicity and solemnity .
  • 介绍中间继电器和信号继电器电流线圈的计算,着重分析信号继电器所需满足的条件和在不同情况下的选型。
    Calculation of current coil is discussed to middle relay and signal relay, lay stress on signal relay that contents condition and selects a type in different circumstances.
  • 学习能力是未来社会的基本能力,高等教育要从未来社会需要的高度重视对学生学习能力的培养。
    Learning ability is a basic ability of future society, higher education should lay stress on the cultivation of the students' learning ability in the light of the need of future society.
  • 第五,开展人文教育还要注意联系实际,突出重点,体现时代精神,注意与科学方法结合和通过实践活动使人文精神内化。
    Fifthly, connect practice, lay stress on the key points, give expression to the spirit of the times, put the scientific ways into practice and put the spirit of the humane in the students inner world.
  • 通常人们只注重防护材料的选取、制作,对防护方法不够重视。
    But people usually lay stress on selecting protective material rather than protective measures.
  • 随着生活水平的不断提高和社会经济的不断发展,人们对食品质量的安全越来越重视,有机食品的需求日益增长。
    With the improvement of life level and the development of social economy, people begin to lay stress on food security and the requirement of organic food is increasing .