labor dispute

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Bilingual sentences

  • 若由此发生劳动争议,可以提请劳动争议处理机构予以处理。
    If produce labor dispute from this, can submit to to work controversy processing orgnaization gives processing.
  • 当前我国现有劳动法律体系的形成,为解决劳动争议提供了配套的法规依据。
    Establishment of current labor legal system has provided the supporting legal basis for settlement of labor dispute.
  • 在劳动合同试用期内如发生劳动争议,可依据有关规定,到市、区、县劳动仲裁部门通过协商、调解、仲裁程序解决。
    If produce labor dispute, be in inside labor contract probation, but the basis concerns a provision, to labor of city, area, County arbitral branch is passed talk things over, mediation, arbitral program is solved.
  • 劳动争议的矛盾固然可以转化,然而,当事人任何一方的不当行为,往往促使矛盾激烈化。
    No doubt, this contradiction of labor dispute can be transformed, but the improper conduct of any party may intensify this contradiction.
  • 劳动争议及权益保护、交通肇事的处理及索赔、民事侵权、民事责任相关法律事务;
    Labor dispute and interest protection, traffic accident claim and handling, civil tort, civil liability;
  • 劳动监察不足,劳动争议处理不清晰等问题。
    Work supervision insufficiency, labor dispute processing not clear and so on questions.