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Bilingual sentences

  • 《蛹》提出了可能缘于核战争的基因变异这个话题;而在《海龙苏醒》中,海平面不断上升导致了世界被淹没。
    The Chrysalids tackles the idea of genetic mutation, possibly caused by nuclear war, and The Kraken Wakes tells of a world drowned by rising sea levels.
  • 一个不寻常的“海下入侵” 假设将产生“你疯了”想法的主角保罗和杰梅紧密联系在一起。
    The Kraken Wakes. John Wydham. An unusual invasion from below premise with a couple similar to Paul and Jamie from Mad About You fulfilling the lead roles.
  • 同时介绍了文中时反处理法的应用背景知识,即水声信道的基本知识,着重介绍了基于简正波的KRAKEN水声信道模型。
    Also it introduces the background knowledge of time reversal application. That is the basic knowledge of underwater acoustic channel, such as the KRAKEN Normal Mode.
  • 在新电影“ 世纪对神榜”(Clash of the Titans)里,众神之王—宙斯,咆哮地命令 “释放海怪!”
    In the new film "Clash of the Titans, " Zeus, king of the gods, barks the order to "Release the Kraken!"
  • 一个不寻常的“海下入侵” 假设将产生“你疯了”想法的主角保罗和杰梅紧密联系在一起。
    The Kraken Wakes. john wyndham. An unusual "invasion from below" premise with a couple similar to Paul and.
  • 事实上,最初的关于海怪的模样约在1000多年以前的一份手稿中出现过;在斯堪的纳维亚神话里,把它描绘得非常巨大,身体要像几个小的岛屿般的那样。 毫无猜疑心理的水手们想将它引诱上岸,直到这个被他们认为有“几个岛屿大小”般的东西爆发出水面,露出其可怕的、纠缠在一起的触须为止。
    In fact the Kraken was first described in a manuscript about a thousand years ago; Scandinavian mythology depicted the Kraken as so large that its body appeared as several small islands.
  • 但是什么是“海怪”和为什么任何人都要释放它?
    But what is a Kraken, and why would anyone want to release it?
  • 我们知道在第一年海怪年还达不到这个目标,所以我们削弱了12张基础和经典卡,让退环境的影响更大一些。
    We knew we weren't going to get there when the Year of the Kraken began, so we nerfed 12 basic/classic cards, to put more of the weight of the meta into the rotating sets.
  • 阿海妖,或威廉布莱克。
    A Kraken, or William Blake.
  • Kraken Opus的成立纯粹是为了达成这一目标。
    Kraken Opus was established purely to deliver that goal.
  • 一个不寻常的“海下入侵”假设将产生“你疯了”想法的主角波尔和杰梅紧密联系在一起。
    The Kraken Wakes. John Wydham. An unusual "invasion from below"premise with a couple similar to Paul and Jamie from "Mad AboutYou" fulfilling the lead roles.
  • 而另一部基于Cray XT5系统的Kraken超级计算机则从原来的第五位爬升到了第三,其运算速度达到了832teraflop/s。
    Kraken, another Cray XT5 system, jumped up two places from its former No. 5 position by posting a processing performance speed of 832 teraflop/s.