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Kinect - 体感,体感游戏,我们希望
Kinect冒险 - Kinect Adventures
Kinect Natal - 难道真的无所不能吗
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  • 同时,微软公司正在开发软件开发工具包的商业版本,如此让新的商务活动完全使用Kinect科技进行。
    Microsoft is also working on a commercial version of its software development kit, which will allow entire new businesses to be built using the Kinect’s technology.
  • 如果Kinect感应灯仍然是红色的,请确保您的控制台的软件是最新的。
    If the Kinect sensor light is still red, make sure your console's software is up to date.
  • 但是作为Kinect和Xbox制作上的微软,很快的否认了会同意游戏会通过测试的推测。
    But Microsoft, maker of Kinect and Xbox, immediately shot down any speculation that the game will pass the certification process.
  • 特定的动作可以被翻译成电脑命令,对Kinect来说,用来控制屏幕上的虚拟人偶。
    Certain motions can be translated into computer commands or, in the case of Kinect, used to control an on-screen avatar.
  • 这实在是比微软Kinect更厉害的宣传花招,不过我倒没发现有多少科技产品买家会掉进这个陷阱里。
    This is an even bigger gimmick than Microsoft Kinect and I don’t see many technology buyers falling for it.
  • 现在,创造Kinect动作追踪硬件的公司希望用户接受用挥手的方式来控制从电视到台式电脑的一系列设备。
    Now the company that created the motion-tracking hardware for the Kinect wants to make waving your arms an accepted way to control everything from your TV to your desktop computer.
  • 拥有内置彩色和深度照相机的Kinect,确保让这个过程变得更简便和精密。
    The Kinect, with its built-in color and depth cameras, promised to make that process much easier and more sophisticated.
  • 马特里克组建了Kinect团队,并从外部招募了优秀人才,比如创意总监库都•图苏诺达;此外,他还制定了重要的目标,如降低成本,以达到消费者可接受的价位。
    Mattrick assembled the Kinect team, recruited outside talent like creative director Kudo Tsunoda, and set crucial goals like reducing costs to reach an affordable consumer price point.
  • 你的微软Kinect(xbox360的新外设)能够足够好的识别人类的表情和姿势使你不再需要使用游戏手柄。
    Your Microsoft Kinect can recognize human motion and gestures well enough that you don’t need a video game controller anymore.
  • 下个月开始,微软即将开售Xbox游戏机的外设设备Kinect,其售价为150美元,它可以让玩家丢掉控制柄而用自己的身体动作来控制游戏。
    Next month, Microsoft will begin shipping Kinect, a $150 add-on for its Xbox gaming consoles, which uses gesture recognition to allow people to play games with body motions instead of controllers.
  • 在这个基础上,kinect可以推测使用者各个关节的位置,以便当他/她在三维空间里运动时,系统还可以生成自上而下的图像和侧视图像。
    From here, Kinect guesses the position of the user's joints, allowing the system to generate top-down and side views of the subject as he or she moves around in three dimensions.
  • 但是直到现在,没有公司像Kinect那样盛行,它让人们可以如此简单的做成一个产品,难怪一直是最热卖的科技消耗型产品。
    But until now, no company has made it so easy to hack into a product as popular as the Kinect, the fastest-selling consumer-tech product of all time.