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Dictionary explanation
n. 痛哭,挽歌
adj. 敏锐的,敏捷的;渴望的;强烈的;热心的;锐利的
n. (Keen)人名;(英)基恩;(德)肯;(肯)金
Web explanation
Keen - 敏锐,热衷,锋利
Keen Yim - 严英健
Elizabeth Keen - 伊丽莎白·基恩,员伊丽莎白基恩
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渴望的 / 热心的 / 强烈的 / 灵敏的
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热心的, 热衷的; 锋利的, 锐利的; 敏锐的, 敏捷的; 激烈的
恸哭, 哀号; 唱挽歌
恸哭; 挽歌; 哀号
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Bilingual sentences

  • 那么你对科学并不是太感兴趣了?
    So you're not mad keen on science then?
  • 他一生都是工党的热情拥护者。
    He's been a keen supporter of the Labour Party all his life
  • 她非常想去。
    She was mad keen to go.
  • 预计地方选举的竞争会非常激烈。
    There is expected to be a keen fight in the local elections.
  • 我对物理和化学不是太感喜爱。
    I wasn't too keen on physics and chemistry.
  • 我不太放心她有辆自行车。
    I am not keen for her to have a bicycle.
  • 我对这个想法燃起了极大的热情。
    I got quite keen on the idea
  • 布兰德敏锐的耳朵听出了口音。
    Brand's keen ear caught the trace of an accent.
  • 他们会非常渴望提高他们在国外的声誉。
    They'll be keen to enhance their reputation abroad
  • 你们都很热心。
    You're all very keen.
  • 我能看出你极具幽默感。
    I can see you have a keen sense of humour.
  • 她仍旧很愿意保持联系。
    She's still keen to keep in touch
  • 他仰天恸哭起来。
    He tossed back his head and keened
  • 两家公司都很想合并。
    Both companies were keen on a merger
  • 他具备了所需的敏锐的洞察力和坚定的行事态度。
    He has the keen eye and robust approach needed.
  • 你们下棋的瘾头可真不小。
    You are really keen on playing chess.
  • 我是个戏迷。
    I'm a keen theatre-goer.
  • 有人正在低声哀泣。
    Someone was making a low, keening noise.
  • 他是个很好学的学生,学习非常努力。
    He's a very keen student and works very hard
  • 你不太想去,是吗?
    You're not keen on going, are you?
  • 风向已经转北,带来了晴朗的天空和严重的霜冻。
    The wind had veered to north, bringing clear skies and a keen frost.
  • 米克一直迷恋卡拉。
    Mick has always been very keen on Carla.
  • 沃尔什先生深刻理解选民最为关注的事项。
    Mr Walsh has a keen appreciation of the priorities of the electorate
  • 他对那项工作的进展一直很关心。
    He had retained a keen interest in the progress of the work.
  • 他们把他描述成一个才思敏捷的人。
    They described him as a man of keen intellect