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adj. 犹太人的;犹太族的
Web explanation
Jewish - 犹太人的,犹太,犹太族的,犹太教
Jewish emancipation - 犹太解放运动
Jewish Encyclopedia - 犹太人百科全书,犹太百科全书,犹太教百科全书
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Bilingual sentences

  • 我为什么说犹太人?
    Why do I say Jewish?
  • 当然,在犹太人的传统中,罗宋汤是从来不放猪肉的。
    Of course, in the Jewish tradition, borscht is never made with pork.
  • 她还写到,在自己如何克服最初对犹太教的恐惧的事情,虽然她的祖母就是一名犹太人。
    She wrote as well of having to overcome what she described as an early fear of Jews, though her grandmother was Jewish.
  • 关于人们应该如何对待,犹太律法,摩西是持什么态度的?
    What was Moses stance on what people should do with the Jewish law?