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Dictionary explanation
n. 喷射,喷嘴;喷气式飞机;黑玉
adj. 墨黑的
vt. 射出
vi. 射出;[航] 乘喷气式飞机
Web explanation
jet - 煤精,Jet,ジェット
jet aircraft - 喷气式飞机,主要包括喷气式飞行器,喷气客机
Jet bridge - 空桥,空桥
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黑玉#喷射; 喷嘴, 喷口; 喷出物; 喷射器
喷出, 射出; 搭喷气式飞机旅行; 喷出, 射出
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Bilingual sentences

  • 军事史学家们可能永远也不会知道是什么击落了这架喷气式飞机。
    Military historians may never know what brought down the jet.
  • 总统座机由五架战斗机护航。
    The president's plane was convoyed by five jet fighters.
  • 我时差还没倒过来。
    I haven't got over my jet lag yet.
  • 冬季运动吸引了英格兰的富豪们。
    The winter sports bring the jet set from England.
  • 把假期的第一个晚上用来睡觉倒时差是个不错的主意。
    It's a good idea to spend the first night of your holiday sleeping off the jet lag
  • 这个新喷气式发动机的设计实属上乘。
    This new jet engine is superbly engineered.
  • 喷气式飞机提前两分钟到达了约翰内斯堡。
    The jet arrived in Johannesburg two minutes ahead of schedule
  • 他们将非常稳定、准确的原子钟装在定期飞行的喷气式班机上。
    They placed very stable and accurate atomic clocks on regularly scheduled jet airliners.
  • 毋庸置疑,乘飞机旅行是令人疲惫的。
    Jet travel is undeniably fatiguing.
  • 离开液膜或射流的液滴,可能会受到高的相对速度气体的气动压力影响。
    A liquid drop removed from a sheet or jet may be exposed to the aerodynamic pressure effect of a high relative gas velocity.
  • 这个工厂的工人建造F-16喷气式战斗机。
    Workers at the plant build the F-16 jet fighter.
  • 航空部对喷气推进的兴趣正在增加。
    Interest in jet propulsion was now growing at the Air Ministry.
  • 由于人体生物钟不能迅速对时差作出调整,因而产生了飞机时差反应。
    Jet lag is caused because the body clock does not readjust immediately to the time change.
  • 一股水流从窗口喷涌而入。
    A jet of water poured through the windows.
  • 传来一声巨响,听起来像是超音速喷气式飞机的声音。
    There was a huge bang; it sounded like a supersonic jet.
  • 他是一位非常合格的喷气式飞机驾驶员。
    He was a highly competent jet pilot.
  • 两架喷气式战斗机被击落。
    Two jet fighters were downed
  • 他乘喷气式飞机从泽西飞来。
    He had arrived from Jersey by jet.
  • 将火柴放在煤气喷嘴上点燃煤气。
    Put a match to the jet to light the gas.
  • 喷气式飞机比直升机飞得高。
    The jet flies higher than the helicopter.
  • 紧急情况下通常使用喷气式飞机。
    A jet is always used when there is an emergency.
  • 这架喷气式飞机在飞行了将近3小时后降落了。
    The jet landed after a flight of just under three hours
  • 这架喷气式飞机突然着火,急速坠地。
    The jet burst into flames and plummeted to the ground
  • 当时派一架喷气式飞机去替换的话,代价太大了。
    Sending a replacement jet would have been uneconomic.