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Jam - 果酱,拥挤,贾姆,困境
Space Jam - 空中大灌篮,空中大掼篮,太空大灌篮,宇宙大灌篮
Mahmoud Jam - 马哈茂德·贾姆
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Bilingual sentences

  • 或者可以考虑一些不贵的消耗品:自家做的果酱、自酿的葡萄酒或饼干,这些都是简单真诚的礼物,可以很好的体现节日气氛又不会越界。
    Or consider something inexpensive and consumable: jam you make at home, wine made in your garage, or cookies are all simple and genuine ways to share the holiday spirit without crossing any lines.
  • 生姜应该压碎后再加到煮沸的果酱中去。
    The root-ginger should be crushed up before it is added to the boiling jam.
  • 昔日的晚夏时节总是一个忙碌的季节,他们会跟随着无数夫妇的脚步,在丰收来临之时前去采摘,为制作果酱做准备。
    Late summer had always been a busy time as they followed in the footsteps of countless couples before them and gathered in the harvest for jam.
  • 这颗心的颜色是用草莓果酱做的,那支箭用的是可可粉。
    The heart is colored with strawberry jam and the arrow uses cocoa powder.
  • 她决定选择下一个出口,并且在避免堵塞的同时,买一杯咖啡。
    She decides to take the next exit and get a cup of coffee while avoiding the jam.
  • 他们朝南绕过交通拥挤的人群。
    They detoured around the traffic jam by heading south.
  • 她在往面包上涂果酱时,眼睛一直在盯着他。
    She kept gazing at him, while spreading jam on the bread.
  • 我们只剩下一点果酱了。
    We have only a little jam left.
  • 他可能遇上交通阻塞了。
    Maybe he in the traffic jam.
  • 我喜欢正统咖啡,炒蛋和煎培根,然后再来点儿果酱土司。
    I like proper coffee, scrambled eggs and crispy bacon, and then toast and jam.
  • 请把果酱给我递过来。
    Pass me the jam please.
  • 我们顺利地穿过拥挤的居民区,驱车回到了市中心。
    We successfully drove back to the centre of the city overing the jam quarter.
  • 你喜欢吃果酱吗?
    Do you like jam?
  • 他们要求学生在一些物品当中进行选择,例如一对CD或两种口味的果酱。
    They asked students to choose between things like a pair of CDs or two flavors of jam.
  • 他给饼干配上草莓果酱,让内奥米美食一餐。
    He let her feast on the cracker with strawberry jam.
  • 你也可以把它当成带有甜味的碟子,拌着果酱或糖浆一起吃。
    It can also be eaten as a sweet dish, with jam , syrup, or sugar.
  • 我只是想要果酱。
    I just need jam.
  • 要肉还是果酱?
    Meat or jam?