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n. [经] 投资者(investor的复数)
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Bilingual sentences

  • 我喜欢这个成果,因为这样我就能四处拜访天使投资者,和风险资本家,收取他们5或50美元的费用0,向他们展示我的新想法。
    I love this because I would go around to all these angel investors 0 and VCs and charge them $5 or $50 to show them my new idea.
  • 投资者现在应该问卖什么。
    Investors should be asking what to sell.
  • 这一变化在形式上而不是企图误导投资者。
    This change in form is not an attempt to mislead investors.
  • 那么,投资者应如何解读这些信息?
    So what should investors make of all this?
  • 因此,我相信我可以产生收益为我的投资者通过技术。
    So I believe that I could generate earnings for my investors through technology.
  • 这个过程不会很好看,但是总体上,投资者应该会对结果感到释怀。
    The process would not be pretty but overall, investors should be relieved by the result.
  • 所有这些转化为更多的钱给贷方,保险公司和投资者。
    All of this translates into more money for the lenders, insurers, and investors.
  • 我们的价值应该以我们产品的质量和投资者从中得到的价值来衡量。
    We should be judged by the quality of our products and the value investors derive from them.
  • 但投资者应当小心。
    But investors should beware.
  • 为投资者没有逃亡这星期从世界的骚动在市场上销售。
    There was no escape for investors from the commotion in world markets this week.
  • 不管什么原因,当你被搁浅的时候,而且只有一个投资者,唯一的出路就是找到其他的投资者。
    Whatever the reason, when you’re stranded and you have one investor the only way out is to find new outside investors.
  • 但是他们不会让这些投资者与自己竞争。
    But they will not have these investors to themselves.
  • 我几乎都可以听到一些投资者对我悲观想法的反应。
    I can almost hear the reaction of some investors to these downbeat thoughts.
  • 不过,不是每个人都认为股票投资者即将迎来春天。
    Not everyone thinks this will be a boon for equity investors, however.
  • 那么,为什么普通投资者还在投注呢?
    So why do ordinary investors do it?