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Dictionary explanation
vi. 投资,入股;花钱买
vt. 投资;覆盖;耗费;授予;包围
Web explanation
invest - 投资,投入,赋与
emotion invest - 感情投资
invest with - 授予,投资有
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投资 / 投入 / 使⋯就职 / 赋予
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投资, 授予, 花费; 投资
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Bilingual sentences

  • 他们打算直接投资股票。
    They intend to invest directly in shares
  • 要想把钱的收益最大化,就必须投资。
    To get the most out of your money, you have to invest.
  • 为什么他还向另一家企业投资?难道他不知道他什么时候运气好?
    Why does he want to invest in still another business? doesn't he know when he is well off?
  • 他们为外国企业提供种种优厚条件,以吸引这些企业到他们所在的州投资。
    They offer every inducement to foreign businesses to invest in their states
  • 他们需提供绝对可靠的担保,才能投资长期项目。
    They would have to offer cast-iron guarantees to invest in long-term projects.
  • 我会开一个派对,然后把剩下的钱用来投资。
    I'm going to throw a party, then invest the rest of the money
  • 他们决意把所有的收入都投资进去,直到行市涨到一百法郎为止。
    He has decided to invest in a new car.
  • 购买房子时,人们是在进行大笔的投资。
    When people buy houses they're investing a lot of money.
  • 公司耗资数千购买了一套电子订单管理系统。
    The company invested thousands in an electronic order-control system
  • 自己制作冰激凌的最简单的办法就是买一台冰激凌机。
    The easiest way to make ice cream yourself is to invest in an ice cream machine.
  • 许多科学家乐意花费的是时间和精力。
    It's time and effort that many scientists have been willing to invest.
  • 几千名领取养老金的人被劝说用自己的住房作抵押去投资投机性债券。
    Thousands of pensioners were persuaded to mortgage their homes to invest in speculative bonds
  • 这些建筑承载着一个国家的历史。
    The buildings are invested with a nation's history
  • 他们有投资新技术的远见。
    They had the foresight to invest in new technology.
  • 我宁愿把时间花在丽贝卡身上也不愿花在厨房里。
    I would rather invest time in Rebecca than in the kitchen.
  • 精明的商人懂得如何感情投资。
    Astute salesmen know how to invest emotionally.
  • 她想成立自己的公司投资电影。
    She wanted to set up her own company to invest in films.
  • 公司继续在强大的产品组合上投入大笔资金。
    The company has continued to invest heavily in a strong portfolio of products.
  • 商业繁荣,外国人争相投资。
    Business is booming and foreigners are scrambling to invest.
  • 宪法授予他某些权力。
    The constitution had invested him with certain powers.
  • 他把我们所有的收益都投资在黄金股上了。
    He invested all our profits in gold shares
  • 我告诉诺曼只要他答应一个附带条件,我就会为他的项目投资。
    I told Norman I would invest in his venture as long as he agreed to one proviso
  • 在防护服上投资是值得的。
    It pays to invest in protective clothing