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Dictionary explanation
v. 继承;经遗传而得(inherit的过去分词)
adj. 遗传的;继承权的;通过继承得到的
Web explanation
inherited - 继承的,是否继承,继承权的
Inherited factor - 遗传因子,遗传因数
inherited coordination - 遗传协调
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遗传的 / 继承的
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通过继承得到的; 遗传的
继承; 经遗传而获得; 接受遗产
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Bilingual sentences

  • 他继承了他父亲的财产,生活极为奢侈。
    He inherited his father's fortune and has lived like a pig in clover ever since.
  • 我继承了他的名字和权利。
    I inherited his name and his legacy.
  • 我继承了他的结婚戒指。
    I inherited his wedding ring.
  • 他死之后,他的侄子继承了遗产。
    After his death, his nephew inherited the legacy.
  • 凡属我国文化遗产中有用的东西,都应当批判地继承。
    All of our cultural heritage which is useful should be inherited, but in a critical way.
  • 我们不知道哪些行为特征是遗传的,哪些是后天养成的。
    We do not know which behavioural traits are inherited and which acquired.
  • 医生说该疾病可能是遗传而来,但在出生时无法查出。
    Doctors say the disease is probably inherited but not detectable at birth.
  • 他把从父亲那儿继承来的钱都花光了。
    He had made away with all the money he inherited from his father.
  • 他遗传了其父暴躁的脾气。
    He's inherited his father's explosive temper.
  • 艺人们各有师承。
    The artists have inherited the traditions of their respective masters.
  • 她的孩子们继承了她对运动的热爱。
    Her children have inherited her love of sport
  • 他从父亲那里继承了一大笔财产。
    He inherited a large fortune from his father.
  • 哈里继承了这座房子以及相当大的一片土地。
    Harry inherited the house and a sizeable chunk of land.
  • 她继承了我们父亲那头浓密的卷发。
    She inherited our father's thick, wavy hair
  • 塞西尔继承了斯坦福德附近的一处家族房产。
    Cecil inherited a family property near Stamford