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Dictionary explanation
n. 居民(inhabitant的复数)
Web explanation
Inhabitants - 居民,居住者,国民
Aboriginal Inhabitants - 土着居民
local inhabitants - 当地居民
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Bilingual sentences

  • 那里的居民都很喜欢这个小男孩。
    The inhabitants there all liked this little boy.
  • 岛上的居民一个接一个的搬离了端岛,只留下了空置的建筑物。
    One by one, its inhabitants moved off of the island, leaving empty buildings behind.
  • 侵略者把全镇居民都杀了。
    The invaders killed off all the inhabitants of the town.
  • 事实上,杜杜对这个城市很重要的部分原因是,对这个城市的居民来说,他给这个几乎不可能有快乐的城市带来了快乐。
    Indeed, part of why Du Du matters to this city, and is almost universally known by its inhabitants, is because he brings joy to an unlikely location.
  • 现在,虽然只有人数有限的印第安人居住在保留地上,但是在两百多年前,他们是居住于现在称之为阿尔伯达省的唯一居民。
    Although there are only a limited number of Indians living on reservations now, two hundred years ago they were the only inhabitants in what is now called Alberta.
  • 居民们正苦于缺乏粮食。
    The inhabitants are suffering for provisions.
  • 这个国家的居民属于世界最贫穷的人;其中约三分之二的人生活在国家贫困线以下。
    The inhabitants of this nation areamong the poorest people in the world; around two thirds live below thenational poverty line.
  • 这个星球的居民是软弱和愚蠢的。
    The inhabitants of this planet are weak and foolish.
  • 我们依旧在影子的峡谷里生存,埋伏在荒凉的地方,从荆棘和丛林中凝视着,去诽谤那里的居民。
    We still dwell in the Valley of the Shadow, lurk in its desolate places, peering from brambles and thickets at its mad, malign inhabitants.
  • 然而,如果这些居民的科技次于地球,你应该尽快找到一个小的原始部落。
    However, if the inhabitants are technologically inferior, you should find a small tribe of primitives as soon as possible.
  • 而它的国土还不够大到足于供应其5百万居民的饮水需求。
    Its land mass is not large enough to supply the thirst of its 5m inhabitants.