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n. 膨胀;通货膨胀;夸张;自命不凡
Web explanation
Inflation - 通货膨胀,通货膨胀,宇宙暴胀
Chronic inflation - 慢性通货膨胀,长期通货膨胀,慢性通货膨胀
Credential inflation - 学术通货膨胀,学术通货膨胀,学历通货膨胀
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Bilingual sentences

  • 通货膨胀和纸币短缺使工厂不得不以实物抵付工人的工资。
    Inflation and the shortage of banknotes has forced factories to pay their workers in kind.
  • 他害怕通货膨胀会在年终更加严重。
    He fears inflation will ratchet up as the year ends
  • 一些国家实行紧缩银根的货币政策,以避免通货膨胀。
    Some countries tighten monetary policy to avoid inflation
  • 他们相信控制货币供应量会减少通货膨胀。
    They believed that controlling the money supply would reduce inflation.
  • 通常保持在个位数的通货膨胀率现在已超过了12%。
    Inflation, which has usually been in single figures, is running at more than 12%
  • 通货膨胀率将下跌,随后利率也将下降。
    Inflation will fall and thereafter so will interest rates
  • 通货膨胀率最早有可能在本月就回落至个位数。
    Inflation could fall back into single figures as early as this month.
  • 看起来至少我们已经解决了这个国家通货膨胀中最棘手的问题。
    It seems at least that we've broken the back of inflation in this country
  • 今天的通胀率确实太高了。
    Today's inflation figure is certainly too high
  • 要消除新爆发的这次通货膨胀,唯一的方法是让经济短期内急剧衰退。
    The only way to purge the economy of this new burst of inflation is a short, sharp recession.
  • 通货膨胀会更低,因此名义利率换算成实际利率会更具吸引力。
    Inflation would be lower and so nominal rates would be rather more attractive in real terms
  • 养老金与通货膨胀挂钩,然而它们其实应该和生活费用挂钩。
    Pensions are linked to inflation, whereas they should be linked to the cost of living
  • 通货膨胀导致了失业率的大幅攀升。
    Inflation has jacked up the rate of unemployment.
  • 他重申了他们要解决通货膨胀问题的决心。
    He reaffirmed their determination to tackle inflation
  • 通货膨胀被认为是有害的,因为它会对收入分配产生不利影响。
    Inflation is considered to be undesirable because of its adverse effects on income distribution
  • 随着市场上商品饱和,经济趋于平衡,通货膨胀就减弱了。
    As the market was saturated with goods and the economy became more balanced, inflation went down.
  • 薪水的平均增长幅度是通货膨胀率的1.41倍。
    The average pay rise equalled 1.41 times inflation.
  • 但是通货膨胀和失业问题仍然激起了很多人的怨恨。
    But the problems of inflation and unemployment still cause a lot of resentment.
  • 最低养老金和最低工资要与通货膨胀挂钩。
    Minimum pensions and wages are to be indexed to inflation.
  • 通货膨胀始终是个威胁。
    Inflation is a constant threat
  • 通货膨胀使得卢布变成了毫无价值的货币。
    Inflation has turned the rouble into a toytown currency.