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Dictionary explanation
n. 无被选资格的人
adj. 不合格的;不适任的;无被选资格的
Web explanation
Ineligible - 无资格,不合格的,不适当的
Ineligible types - 不符类型
ineligible craigslist - 不顺应的
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无被选任资格的, 不适当的, 不适任的
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Bilingual sentences

  • 对于第一个谓词,因为它仅包含了 “book” 的直接子元素 “price”,所以 /book/price 上的索引是不合格的。
    For the first predicate, the index on /book/price is ineligible because it only contains "price" elements that are immediate children of "book."
  • 这也不适合于刚诊断出心脏衰竭或者有严重心脏衰竭症状的病人。
    Patients with a recent diagnosis of heart failure or those with severe symptoms of heart failure are also ineligible.
  • 任何法庭或执照注册机构都不能判该记者没有资格从事新闻工作。
    No court or licensing board could rule that reporter ineligible to practice journalism.
  • 作为一个还没出嫁女儿,我和父母住在一起,因为没结婚的人没法分到房子。
    As a yet-to-be-betrothed daughter, I lived with my parents, because an unmarried person was ineligible for an apartment.
  • 派遣无资格的球员上场比赛,其后果可见下文第3点
    The consequences of fielding an ineligible player are described underpoint 3 below.
  • 电影制片人需要在截止日前通过网络提交一份正式的《演职人员表》;如果没有在截止日前提交,影片将不能参加任何一年的奥斯卡评选。
    Producers must submit an Official Screen Credits online form before the deadline; in case it is not submitted by the defined deadline, the film will be ineligible for Academy Awards in any year.
  • 但后来证实,这位12岁的选手实际上要大两岁,也就没有参加少年联赛的资格。
    But the 12-year-old phenom turned out to be two years older, making him ineligible for Little League play.
  • 这也标志着渎职行为极其恶劣,以至于一些本来不错的候选人因为他们毫无节制的费用报销而早已丧失了资格。
    It is a mark of how bad the graft is now that some otherwise good candidates have been rendered ineligible by their own incontinence on expenses.
  • 换句话说,可以声明对于某些 WPAR 不应该执行自动的重新定位。
    In other words, you can declare individual WPARs to be ineligible for automatic relocation.
  • 那么是否这就使老虎没有资格成为2008年奥运会吉祥物了呢?
    Does this make the tiger ineligible for use in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?