in view of

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Dictionary explanation
adv. 鉴于;考虑到
Web explanation
in view of - 鉴于,考虑到,由于
in the view of - 在视图中的,在查看的,的观点
in full view of - 把……尽收眼底
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Bilingual sentences

  • 考虑到我们长期的关系,我方同意给你方折扣。
    In view of our long-standing relationship, we agree to allow you a discount.
  • 考虑到你将要与这个家庭联姻,我愿在采取进一步行动之前,先找你咨询一下——与你商量商量这件案子。
    In view of your prospective alliance with the family I should like to consult you--to consider the case with you--before taking any farther steps.
  • 鉴于我们长期的贸易关系,我们总是尽力满足你们的要求。
    We always try out best to meet your requirements in view of our long relations.
  • 考虑到这些严重的状况,我们比以往任何时候更需要像自行车这样的环保型交通工具。
    In view of such serious situation, environmental tools of transportation like bicycle are more important than any time before.
  • 考虑到双方的关系,我们愿提供5%的折扣。
    In view of our relationship, we would offer you a discount of 5%.
  • 鉴于上述情况, 我们提出以下建议。
    In view of the above-mentioned facts, we wish to make the following proposals.
  • “经过深思熟虑的判断,并鉴于目前情况,如果将其机密数据公布将是一个危险的行为,”她写道。
    In its considered judgment and in view of current circumstances, it would be a dangerous step to release this otherwise confidential information, ” she wrote.
  • 鉴于你我双方长期的业务关系,我们可以考虑减价。
    In view of business ties between you and me, we may consider reducing prices.
  • 有鉴于此,并考虑到此问题的重要性,各方有必要进行深入讨论。
    Accordingly and in view of the importance of this issue, further discussion is needed.