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Bilingual sentences

  • 落料:指在普通冲床或其他设备上使用模具加工得到产品形状的工艺过程。
    Blanking: refer to punch or other device in common use by product shape mold processing technology course.
  • 鲁宾表示,Android并不是专门针对手机、平板设备、电视或是其它设备设计的。
    Android isn't really about phones, or tablets, TVs or any other device in particular, Rubin said.
  • 好吧,我们可以不需要用手指头捏的方式来操作Google Map和浏览器,但却不能没有实体键盘。
    Now, we can live with a browser or Google Maps with no pinch-to-zoom, but not having a hardware keyboard hamstrings this device in other ways.
  • 这类应用程序调试较麻烦,有了通用网络调试器,程序员即可在很短时间内调试出自己的控制系统。
    In general, multicast is used in main device and other part device communication, program debug is trouble, programmer can take less time to debug control system by the net debugger.
  • 存储器41可以存储由CPU 31或者包括在计算系统300内任何其他设备执行的数据和指令序列。
    The memory 41 may store data and sequences of instructions that are executed by the CPU 31, or any other device included in the computing system 300.
  • 换句话说,选择您的目标设备然后挑选正确的主题,其余的将由 Dojo 完成。
    In other words, select the device you are targeting and pick the correct theme, and Dojo then does the rest.
  • 当前的无国界的地址自动配置模式是使用设备(换句话说,是以太网卡或者移动电话)的 MAC 地址来形式化 128 位 IPv6 地址的前缀。
    The current model for stateless address autoconfiguration uses the MAC address of the device (in other words, an ethernet card or mobile phone) to formulate the prefix of the 128-bit IPv6 address.
  • 承运人能否对乘坐轮椅或其它设备的旅客置之不理?。
    May a carrier leave a passenger unattended in a wheelchair or other device?
  • 因为通常包括GPS天线与其他天线在一个设备,高的隔离的关键是整体性能。
    Because GPS antennas are typically included with other antennas in one device, high isolation is key to overall performance.
  • 在其他世界中,在其他系统中,装置是不同的。
    In other worlds, in other systems, the device differed.
  • 任何一个设备或应用服务,都能通过无线信道向网络上的另一个设备发送一个ZDO消息,帮助其建立一个绑定记录。
    Any device or application can send a ZDO message to another device(over the air)to build a binding record for that other device in the network.
  • 乔丹一直记着iPod用户的需求,之后又增加了一项专利系统,避免各种数据线在衣服外面晃荡,或者和门柱、其他设备缠绕在一起。
    Keeping the needs of an iPod user in mind, Jordan later added a patented system to keep wires from dangling off clothing and getting tangled in a doorjamb or other device.
  • 您选择的设备名称正在被另一个设备使用。
    The device name you chose is in use by some other device.
  • 一份计算机安全研究协会2007年的调查发现,有50%的受访者在过去的一年里有笔记本电脑或其他移动设备被偷。
    A 2007 survey by the Computer Security Institute found that 50 percent of respondents had a laptop or other mobile device stolen in the past year.
  • 如果一个单元内的服务器、服务器框架、路由或其他设备变得无法操作,硬件的隔离会确保这种情况不会影响到其他单元。
    If a server, server frame, router, or other device in one cell were to become inoperable, isolation of the hardware insures that it doesn’t impact another cell.
  • 换句话说,这款游戏机可能是将3D技术带入消费主流的主力机种,尽管各地电视制造商尽了最大努力,目前仍然是一项少数运动。
    It could, in other words, be the device that takes 3D technology, which is still a minority sport despite the best efforts of television manufacturers everywhere, into the consumer mainstream.
  • 换句话说,如果男孩没吃药,这个吸入器就会生病。
    In other words, the device "gets sick" if the boy doesn't use it.
  • 可以根据你对读写器的应用要求将要求的功能整合到芯片上,并将其安装在移动电话或者其他装置上。
    Depending on the application you can take the reader-writer and integrate the functionality of that into a chip that you could put in a mobile phone or other device.
  • 虽然6月份的Android版工具发布就在眼前,Wegner同样 展望了在其他设备上将会出现的新特性,包括
    As well as an Android version of the toolkit slated for June, Wegner also expands on additional features in other versions of the device toolkits, including
  • 确保设备中没有发生任何其他活动(可能位于其他域中)。
    Make sure there are no other activities occurring in the device (may be in other domains)
  • 公司可能已经开始在其他耳聋人群(至少有一个健全耳蜗)中测试该设备。
    The firm may start testing the device in people with other forms of deafness and at least one functioning cochlea.
  • 这对于某些底层任务来说是无价的,例如对代码进行分析,或者在设备驱动程序或其他严格时间要求的代码中进行精确的延时。
    This can be invaluable for lower-level tasks such as code profiling or precise delays in device drivers and other time-critical code.