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n. 成语;惯用语;方言;风格(idiom的复数)
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Idioms - 习语,成语,惯用语
numeral idioms - 数字习语,数词成语
Idioms Solitaire - 成语接龙工具,成语接龙
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成语, 方言, 惯用语法
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Bilingual sentences

  • 在任何语言学习中最困难的一个方面就是,要能理解并运用大量成语。
    One of the most difficult aspects of learning any foreign language is being able to understand and use a wide range of idioms.
  • 请比较这两种风格,看看您能否确定哪种风格一定可行,哪一种不一定可行。
    Compare the two idioms to see if you can determine which one is guaranteed to work, and which one is not.
  • 能否有效地使用它们还取决于是否应用了正确的编程风格;关键在于您要理解这些类是如何实现的以及如何对它们进行编程。
    Their effective use is also dependent on applying the correct programming idioms; it's critical that you understand how these classes are implemented and how to program to them.
  • 一个由新成语和新鲜起司所构成的愉快夜晚。
    A lovely evening of new idioms and fresh mozzarella.
  • 今天我们来学习与足球相关的习惯用语。
    Today, our focus will be on football idioms.
  • 宣传者会经常试图用一些特别受众的口吻,以及用一些惯用语和笑话。
    The propagandist will often attempt to use the accent of a specific audience as well as using specific idioms or jokes.
  • 这个过程可以用不同的编程风格来完成。
    This process can be done with different programming idioms.
  • 我们使用成语是要表达其它词语无法如此清晰或如此巧妙表达的东西。
    We use idioms to express something that other words do not express as clearly or as cleverly.
  • 最好就是像学单词一样学成语。
    It is best to learn idioms as you do vocabulary.
  • 对于使用非母语的人,孤立地学习习语而不了解其来龙去脉常常会遇到困难。
    Idioms are often difficult for the non-native speaker to learn in isolation from their original sources.
  • 也是一个社区运转的成语,标语和俚语定义(以及求解它们)的源。
    is a community-run source of definitions (and calls for them) of idioms, catchphrases, and slang.
  • 玛夫四岁的时候就能说很多习惯用语了。
    Maff can use couples of idioms at the age of four.
  • 我们常常无法(至少不容易)调整其他功能来适应新功能,而且某些编程语言风格已存在于该语言的方言中。
    We often can't (at least not easily) adjust other features to accommodate the new features, and certain programming idioms are already in the language's vernacular.
  • 许多不同的运动都为英语贡献了很多习惯用语。
    And a number of different sports have contributed idioms to the English language.
  • 如果可以的话,你可以把这些成语记录在那些写有意思相近的其它单词或成语的卡片上,收在文件中。
    If you can, record the idioms in a file and on a card along with other words and idioms which have similar meanings.
  • 尽量用第一人称来记习惯用语和句型,以便记忆牢固。
    Try to Remember idioms and setences with the first calling, make sure to remember deeply.
  • 不使用成语;
    Do not use idioms.
  • 它用英语代替中文解释。 渐渐地,读者就会习惯用英语来解释词和短语,甚至是英语成语。
    Little by little, he will be able to explain the words and phrases or even English idioms in English.
  • 成语往往是非正式的,最好用于口语,而不要用在非书面表达中。
    Idioms tend to be informal and are best used in spoken rather than written English.
  • 英语有15000多个成语,而且本族语使用者常常在不自觉的情况下频繁使用它们。
    The English language has over 15,000 idioms and native speakers use them very frequently, often without realising it themselves.
  • 您使用的此类 C 语言方言越少,您的代码就会越清晰。
    The fewer such C idioms you use, the clearer your code will be.
  • 就像许多的语言一样,美语中也有许多的成语,刻画出文字的图像。
    Like many languages, American English has numerous idioms that paint word pictures.