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Dictionary explanation
n. 有希望成功的人
adj. 有希望的;有前途的
Web explanation
hopeful - 有希望的,怀有希望的,满怀希望的
hopeful hearts - 心的希望
Hopeful life - 人生满希望
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抱有希望的; 有希望的; 有前途的
有希望之人, 有前途之人
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Bilingual sentences

  • 过了一个小时左右,他们逐渐变得更抱有希望了。
    Little by little, over the next hour or so, they grew more hopeful.
  • 我和你们一样,曾经对一切满怀希望。
    Just like you, I was once hopeful of everything.
  • 许多满怀希望的青年涌至好莱坞。
    Many a young hopeful went to hollywood.
  • 诺里斯先生说希望他的请求能够引起积极反响。
    Mr Norris said he was hopeful that his request would elicit a positive response
  • 已出炉的选举结果再次显示在中东实现和平是有希望的。
    The result of the election in is yet another hopeful sign that peace could come to the Middle East.
  • 前途似乎不太乐观。
    The future doesn't seem very hopeful.
  • 当你心中充满了爱和希望,你眼中的世界就是充满爱和希望的。
    When you feel loving and hopeful, the world in your eyes becomes loving and hopeful.
  • 我希望我会,而且我渴望再次辩论,因为今天证明非常成功!
    I am hopeful that I will, and I am eager to debate again because today proved very successful.
  • 他希望他们坐到一起,彼此能清醒理智,和睦为邻。
    He was hopeful that by sitting together they could both see sense and live as good neighbours
  • 有两名人质可望在几天后获释。
    It is hopeful that two hostages will be freed in the next few days.
  • 我对我们能达成妥协充满希望。
    I'm hopeful that we can reach a compromise.
  • 我们的开端充满希望。
    We had a hopeful beginning.
  • 他对下一轮会谈同样富有成效满怀希望。
    He was hopeful that the next round of talks would also be productive
  • 他们希望能和平结束这次围困。
    They are hopeful of bringing the siege to a peaceful conclusion
  • 我看这是处理这个问题的有希望的方法。
    This seems to me to be a hopeful way of tackling the problem.
  • 我相信这个误会将很快得到纠正。
    I am hopeful this misunderstanding will be rectified very quickly
  • 我能看见!这一切都是有希望的我能看见!快乐永恒。
    I can see! All these are hopeful I can see! Happy eternity.
  • 我变成了一个年轻而又充满了希望的人,而你却变成了一个老气横秋、多愁善感的人了。
    I have become the young and hopeful man, and you are the old and unbelieving one.
  • 想想那个夏天和秋天,我充满了希望。
    Thinking about how hopeful I was that summer and fall.
  • 外科医生有信心保住萨拉左眼的视力。
    Surgeons were hopeful of saving the sight in Sara's left eye.
  • 他的球技在他给这些希望成为明日之星的年轻人担任教练的过程中继续发挥出很大作用。
    His soccer skills continue to be put to good use in his job as football coach to young hopefuls.