hearts and minds

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Hearts and Minds - 心灵与智慧,感情和理智,心与智
Your Hearts And Minds - 你心灵和思想
Hearts and minds operation - 攻心术
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Bilingual sentences

  • 他这种无私爱幼可感动日月的精神和品质,像一支熊熊燃烧的火炬,照亮了我们的心灵。
    This child-friendly, he can be moved by the selfless spirit and the quality of the sun, like a burning torch to illuminate our hearts and minds.
  • 让你的勇气治理你的心灵和头脑,以及想法,恐惧将无处遁形。
    Let courage govern your hearts and minds and the idea fear will fade away.
  • 如果你要是通过球类运动得到他们的,你就会得到他们的心和思想。
    If you get them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.
  • 除非你触动人的心灵,否则你举就不可能真正的传达福音。
    You can't really get on with preaching the Gospel until you've touched hearts and minds.
  • 新一代的运动俘获了人们的心,也吸引了那些想尝试新鲜事物的人的注意力。
    A new generation of sports is capturing the hearts and minds of people who are willing to try something new.
  • 我们正在尝试在此基础上改变他们的看法。
    We are trying to change hearts and minds on the basis of this data.
  • 这些传统的习俗为人们创造了许多美好及欢乐的回忆。
    All these customs create such warm memories in people's hearts and minds.
  • 但我们更需要在内心和灵魂上、在文化和态度上作出转变。
    But there must also be a change in hearts and minds; in cultures and attitudes.
  • 就把你忘了吧,就永远的把你放在心上守着你看着你永远的幸福吧
    Put your departed on forever in our hearts and minds Who will abandon you to your eternal happiness upon you
  • 天父,愿您在新的一年里,保守我们的心怀意念,使我们在生活和工作中荣耀您的圣名!
    Dear Heavenly Father, may you guard our hearts and minds in the new year, that we may glorify your holy name in our lives and work!
  • 属于冬天的冷,也不应该在这个时节再来骚扰原本洋溢着温暖和希望的心灵。
    Belongs to the winter cold, and should not be harassed again in this season was originally filled with warmth and hope to hearts and minds.
  • 因为爱,相思在总在心头,无法割舍的情在我心灵和灵魂深处燃烧着不变的温度。
    Because of love, love in general in our hearts and minds, can not leave the situation in my mind, and soul to the same depths of the combustion temperature.