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Dictionary explanation
vt. 治愈,痊愈;和解
vi. 痊愈
n. (Heal)人名;(英)希尔
Web explanation
heal - 治愈,治疗,愈合
Shane Heal - 肖恩·黑尔,肖恩
Manald Heal - 玛那得的治疗,玛娜得的治疗
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治愈 / 减轻 / 纠正
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治愈; 使恢复健康; 愈合; 痊愈
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Bilingual sentences

  • 他可以治好你的肺炎,你最好尽快去找他给你医治。
    He could heal you of your pneumonia, you'd better go to see him as soon as possible.
  • 你手上的伤口很快就能愈合。
    The wound on your hand would heal over soon.
  • 首先,如果你有足够时间的话,时间能治疗伤痛。
    First, time -- if you have enough of it -- can heal wounds.
  • 当您继续该旅程时这将被治愈。
    This will heal as you continue your journey.
  • 它们如此频繁地被使用以至于它们的伤处没有时间痊愈。
    They are used so often that their injuries do not have time to heal.
  • 是的,我们能治愈这个国家!
    Yes we can heal this nation.
  • 你可以从现在开始,通过宽恕的力量来治愈你的生活,让你的生活充满无限的可能。
    You can heal your life now with the power of forgiveness and open your life to infinite possibilities.
  • 但是这是个痊愈必要步骤。
    But this is necessary step to heal.
  • 大多数人很难接受,正因为这一信念的缺失,导致很多人无法治愈自己或显露出自己渴望的东西。
    This is very hard for most people to accept and because of this lack of belief most people cannot heal themselves or manifest something they desire.
  • “我认为我的伤痛将永远无法愈合,但这里(现在)就是我的家,待在这里我会好受些,”他说。
    "I don't think I will ever heal but this is my family [now] and being here does help me, " he said.
  • 即便如此,我们的心中都充满了爱,足以治愈这个世界。
    However, there is enough love in each of our hearts to heal the world.
  • 由此,我通过想象医生对你说,你该如何来治愈自己的疾病这个画面来理解“医生”和“说”之间的联系。
    Here I’m imagining a connection based on the doctor speaking to you about what you have to do to heal yourself.
  • 你怎么才能治愈你的潜意识带给你生命更大改善?
    How could you heal your consciousness to bring about improvements in your life?
  • 你的潜意识是你身体的创建者,它可以治愈你的疾病。
    Your subconscious mind is the builder of your body and can heal you.
  • 这种软膏能使烫伤痊愈。
    This kind of ointment will heal the scald.
  • 他们所以不能信,因为以赛亚又说,主叫他们瞎了眼,硬了心,免得他们眼睛看见,心里明白,回转过来,我就医治他们。
    He hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart; that they should not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart, and be converted, and I should heal them.
  • 但是我必须得这么做,否则我的心病得不到治愈。
    But I had to, or I could not heal.
  • 我带他到你门徒那里,他们却不能医治他。
    I brought him to your disciples, but they could not heal him.
  • 你应该即刻治愈你自己的这种心理矛盾或心理病症。
    You should heal yourself of this mental conflict or malady at once.
  • 一个人必须经过这五个阶段才能再次得到很好的愈合。
    A person MUST go through the five stages to be well again, to heal.
  • 同样,你做不了什么,只能慢慢愈合心中的创伤并继续你的生活。
    Again, not much you can do but to heal, and to move on with your life.