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Dictionary explanation
n. 涌出;迸发
v. 涌出;迸出
Web explanation
gush - 涌出,暴雨,喷
gush over - 不绝地说,滔滔不绝地说
Gush Katif - 古什卡蒂夫
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喷, 涌流, 涌; 过分动情; 滔滔地说话; 装腔作势; 使喷出, 使直流, 使涌出; 装腔作势地说; 滔滔地说
喷, 涌流; 迸发; 喷出之物; 发作
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Bilingual sentences

  • 试想,这些东西都可以在某一时刻突然从集装箱内喷涌而出,破坏周围的一切。
    Just imagine, all this could gush out of the containers at any moment and poison everything around.
  • 正当我为此而耽搁时,一股持续的风从晨光的住所倾注而出扑面而来,像是一声长久的沉重叹息。
    While I was thus delaying, a gush of steady wind, as long as a heavy sigh, poured direct out of the quarter of the morning.
  • 滔滔不绝地说:“我只知道,感觉很幸福。”
    B .Gush, saying: I just knew. It feels right.
  • 罗伯特不愿过多地透露他与克里斯汀之间的感情,但是他说克里斯汀比较喜欢他在自己即将上映的新作《大象的眼泪》中蓬乱的发型。
    Rob wouldn’t gush too much on his relationship with K-Stew but he does say she prefers his hair “tousled” as opposed to his clean cut look in his upcoming flick Water For Elephants.
  • 叫她们速速为我们举哀,使我们眼泪汪汪,使我们的眼皮涌出水来。
    And let them make haste, and take up a wailing for us, that our eyes may run down with tears, and our eyelids gush out with waters.
  • 它至少应该获得最佳影片的提名,那一年充斥于提名单的是像《温柔的怜悯》、《化妆师》这样的滥情片。
    It should also have been at least nominated for BestPicture, a category stuffed that year with sentimental gush like Tender Merciesand The Dresser.
  • 对于特别的回答反应不要过于强烈,否则其他人会感觉被忽略。
    Do not gush over one particular answer – others will feel slighted in comparison.
  • 我有时怀疑,那些对书香味滔滔不绝的家伙可能根本就不喜欢读书。
    I sometimes suspect that those who gush about book odor might not like to read.
  • 当30年前威廉的父母结婚时,整块土地上公众的情绪沉浸在激动和羡慕之中,但到现在的变化是一段漫长的路。
    All this is a long way from the public mood when William’s parents got married, 30 years ago, and the land was awash in gush and drivel.