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作呼噜声; 咕哝, 发哼声; 咕哝着表示; 咕哝着说
呼噜声; 咕哝
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Bilingual sentences

  • 沉溺于早睡早起这种行为的结果,我所看到的只有坏脾气和除了咕哝唠叨外什么事都不愿谈。
    The only quality I have seen emerge from indulging in such behavior is grumpiness and a disinclination to converse in anything but grunts.
  • 当然你可能想让交流更轻松一点,三声咕哝很可能会被听成是两声,你可以将四声咕哝设定成黄色警报:我需要与你交流,请让我与你交流。
    Of course, you may want to communicate in a lighter vein, and since three grunts might be mis-heard as two, four grunts can be similar to Yellow: I need to communicate with you, please help me do so.
  • 我把科林从呼噜声中叫了起来,他嘟囔道,“我要睡觉。”
    Colin grunts when I try to nudge him awake. 'I need my sleep,' he groans.
  • 去年,国际网球联合会开始考虑在比赛中禁止发出吼声。
    And last year the International Tennis Federation began considering banning grunts.
  • 不管怎么说,这好过睡在洞里冷冰冰的地上,拿发霉的兔皮当枕头,还有十来个换生灵在不安的睡梦中咕哝和叹气。
    In any case, it tops sleeping in a hole in the cold ground, a moldy rabbit skin for your pillow, and the grunts and sighs of a dozen changelings anxious in their dreams.
  • 但猿的笑声与人类的听起来不同,它有可能是急促的喘息声、较为缓慢且带有噪音的呼吸声或是短暂的呼噜声。
    But ape laughter doesn't sound like the human version. It may be rapid panting, or slower noisy breathing or a short series of grunts.
  • 还有人认为语言起源于音乐,或者源于人们对兽类或鸟类声音的模仿。
    Others traced it back to music, to the imitation of animal grunts, or to birdsong.
  • 谁更有价值:是一位"明星"还是七位普通员工?
    Which is worth more: a star or seven grunts?
  • 他们有一个稍微“欠缺的环节”,看看他们,用低沉的声音交谈,以酒度日。
    They have a slightly "missing link" look about them, communicate in grunts and live on beer.
  • 我努力地和司机讲话,但结果只有咕哝声和无法辨认的只言片语。
    My efforts at conversation with the driver resulted only in grunts and indecipherable phrases.
  • 许多进化论语言学家相信所有的人类语言都来源于单一的、原初的语言。 而这种原初的语言则从其他动物的呼噜和噪声中演化出来。
    Many evolutionary linguists believe that all human languages have descended from a single, primitive language, which itself evolved from the grunts and noises of the lower animals.
  • 高水平的玩家往往忽视这个建议,当然,他们可以用他们的第一波部队去进攻。
    Higher-level players often ignore this suggestion, of course; they may go on the attack the moment their fi rst grunts hit the fi eld.
  • 婴儿在睡觉的时候会发出许多的声音,从哼哼声到呜咽直至放声大哭,但这并不上他醒来时的信号。
    Babies make many sleeping sounds, from grunts to whimpers to outright cries, and these noises don, t always signal awakening.
  • 场景的拍摄方法也相当简单,李安选择蓝色牛仔裤沙沙的声音和猪的呼噜声来组成整个的音乐背景。
    It’s also filmed simply, with Ang Lee opting for the sound of rustling blue jeans and animalistic grunts filling the entire soundscape.