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n. 地下水
n. (Groundwater)人名;(英)格朗德沃特
Web explanation
groundwater - 地下水,潜水,地下水位
groundwater level - 地下水位,地下水面,潜水面
groundwater resources - 地下水资源,地下水储量,地下水资源量
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Bilingual sentences

  • 由于松软的地下层,过度的现代化,过量抽取地下水导致这个城市下沉。
    The city is already sinking due to its soft underground, heavy urbanization, and excessive pumping of groundwater.
  • 多年来它已经从工业污染物里渗入到地下水。
    It has been seeping into groundwater from ­industry for years.
  • 西门子及其竞争者的过滤器被用于处理半导体工业废水和地下水补水系统。
    Siemens' filters, and those of its competitors, are used in treating semiconductor wastewater and groundwater remediation systems.
  • 他还说,他没有看到明显的证据表明相对于地下水而言,多少冰川对河流量有贡献。
    He added that he has not seen clear evidence of how much glaciers contribute to river flow in comparison with groundwater.
  • 并且不像来自那些污秽场所的肉,它不会污染河流和小溪,不会大量消耗地下水,也不会引起滥伐森林。
    And unlike meat from those filthy places, it will not pollute rivers and streams, deplete groundwater or cause deforestation.
  • “我吃的食物就是通过全球贸易与世界另一个地区的地下水枯竭紧密相连,”比尔肯斯说。
    "The food that I eat is connected through global trade to groundwater depletion in another part of the world, " Bierkens said.
  • 种植园可以吸收辐射并防止其蔓延至地下水中。
    The plantations soak up radiation and prevent its spread to groundwater.
  • 淡水以湖泊、河流、地下水和冰雪的形式存在。
    Freshwater exists in lakes, rivers, groundwater, and frozen as snow and ice.
  • 这个团队是第一个能够给出实实在在的证据说明深层地层中的砷会进入地下水的。
    The group is the first to give real-life evidence that arsenic in deeper layers can get into groundwater.
  • 地下水中含有的铀不在酸碱值和氧化条件之内,是因为其常与其它化合物相连。
    Uranium in groundwater occurred over a wide range of pH and redox conditions because of its association with other compounds.
  • 这就意味着这些被药物污染的废水会进入地表水和地下水,而这正是大部分人饮用水的水源。
    That means the drug-tainted wastewater can enter groundwater and surface water, which are collectively the major sources of drinking water for most people.
  • 他们结合现有最好的地下水使用信息来计算蓄水层地下水的净输出或净输入量。
    They combined this with the best available information on groundwater usage to calculate the net amount of water leaving or returning to aquifers.
  • 我们已经看到地下水污染最近的证据,也就是在氚的情况中。
    We've seen some recent evidence of groundwater contamination, namely in the tritium case.
  • 他补充说,新研究所要表明的是,“地下水枯竭是一个全球性问题。
    What the new study suggests, he added, “is that groundwater depletion is a global problem.
  • 目前,我们正在非常迅速地失去我们的地下水、破坏土壤养分,而农民们正在欠债,因为他们依赖于化肥和其它投入。
    At the moment we are losing our groundwater very quickly, destroying soil nutrients, and farmers are going into debt because they are dependent on fertiliser and other inputs.
  • 这些生物体,如果存在的话,最可能会在地下水中找到。
    These organisms, if they exist, are most likely to be found in groundwater.