going through

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going through - 熬过,翻看,仔细检查
A going-through policy - 一贯政策
going public through a reverse merger - 买壳上市
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经历; 讨论; 被通过; 举行
经历; 讨论; 被通过; 举行
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Bilingual sentences

  • 你不知道我经历了什么!
    You have no idea what I've been going through!
  • 我只是想书写,因为那是我处理我所经历过程的一种方式。
    I just wanted to write because it was my way of processing what I was going through.
  • 父亲怎样了?你遭受了太多的磨难。
    How's father doing? You're going through too much trouble.
  • 她的研究工作正处于一个艰难的阶段。
    Her research was going through a sticky patch.
  • 我知道你正在经受什么样的煎熬。
    I know what you're going through.
  • 我们正经历一段困难时期。
    We have been going through a bad time
  • 他的这次经历犹如炼狱一般,饱受熬煎。
    His experience this time was like going through purgatory, he had suffered a lot.
  • 我大概到更年期了。
    I'm going through menopause.
  • 入公门,鞠躬如也,如不容。(《论语》)
    On going through the outer gates to his lord's court, he drew himself in, as though the entrance were too small.
  • 她正经历一个困难时期。就这么简单。
    She's going through a difficult time. That's all there is to it.
  • 我以为你会明白我正在经历些什么。
    I thought you understood what I was going through.
  • 人们对着那些穿越他们城市的川流不息的车辆大呼小叫。
    People are screaming blue murder about the amount of traffic going through their town.
  • 查阅他的客户名单是个相当费劲的活儿。
    Going through his list of customers is a massive job.
  • 不管怎样,在知道公司遭遇困境时不要指望加薪。
    Whatever you do, don't look for a pay increase when you know the company is going through some difficulty
  • 一队世界上最优秀的滑水运动员将一展身手。
    A group of the world's best waterskiers will be going through their paces.
  • 他的婚姻当时麻烦不断。
    His marriage was going through a bad patch
  • 他说出那些令人诧异的话时,心里都在想些什么?
    What was going through his mind when he spoke those amazing words?
  • 重大议题将会一致通过。
    Big issues are going through on the nod.
  • 我想你需要和某人谈谈关于你的事。
    I think you need to talk to someone about what you're going through.
  • 手续不全,落不上户。
    You can only be registered after going through all the formalities.
  • 他正处于非常艰难的时期。
    He was going through a very difficult time
  • 那对夫妻承认他们3年的婚姻正在经历一个“困难期”。
    The pair admitted that their three-year-old marriage was going through 'a difficult time'