go through

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go through - 经历,通过,经受
Go public through IPO - 上市
go straight through - 直达
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通过 / 达成 / 往下进行 / 获得通过
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经历; 讨论; 被通过; 举行
经历; 讨论; 被通过; 举行
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Bilingual sentences

  • 他希望转账在今天中午的最后期限之前完成。
    He expected the transfer to go through by today's noon deadline.
  • 我不想再费事儿换衣服了。
    I couldn't be bothered to go through the rigmarole of changing clothes.
  • 我们一起把这些数目过一遍,看能不能找出个可行方案。
    Let's go through the numbers together and see if a workable deal is possible
  • 如果提案获得通过,现任总督可能被任命为临时总统。
    It is possible that the present Governor General will be made interim President, if the proposals go through
  • 但是谁会有胆量经受这件事?
    But will anyone have the bottle to go through with it?
  • 干草割下并捆扎之后需要对其进行化学处理。
    Once hay has been cut and baled it has to go through some chemical processes.
  • 有几段时间我写什么都是垃圾。
    I go through phases where everything I write is just dross.
  • 我不想再经历那样的事了。
    I don't ever want to go through anything like that again.
  • 它是我们必须办理的一项手续。
    It's a formality which we have to go through.
  • 显然有人翻过我的物品。
    It was evident that someone had gone through my possessions.
  • 大多数孩子都会经历挑食的阶段。
    Most kids will go through a phase of being faddy about what they eat.
  • 数月来,我一直不是不愿意就是没办法做这件事。
    For months I had been either unwilling or unable to go through with it.
  • 如今很多人不再费心思举行婚礼。
    Lots of people don't bother to go through a marriage ceremony these days
  • 这种料子很厚,这根针都扎不透。
    This material is very thick and this needle is not strong enough to go through it.
  • 他们每天晚上都要上演这么一出戏:他打开卧室的窗户,她又把它关上。
    Every night, they go through the same routine: he throws open the bedroom window, she closes it.
  • 晚会剩下的时间里,我只好脸上挂着一副僵硬的笑容。
    I had to go through the rest of the evening with a fixed smile on my face.
  • 各政党现在必须进行挑选各自候选人这一迂回复杂的程序。
    The parties must now go through the tortuous process of picking their candidates.
  • 我并不喜欢胃里翻江倒海的,但是要想赢得锦标赛,就得闯过这一关。
    I don't enjoy having a churning stomach but if you are going to win tournaments, you must go through it.
  • 他不必为了我作这么详细的展示!
    He doesn't have to go through this elaborate display for my benefit!
  • 等你列出个人喜好的单子后,从头到尾再看一遍。
    When you have finished your list of personal preferences, go through it again
  • 为了正义事业赴汤蹈火在所不辞。
    I wouldn't hesitate to go through fire and water for the just cause.
  • 要是当时经济在增长的话,该法案或许也就获得通过了。
    The bill might have gone through if the economy was growing.
  • 你要过境,就必须在海关办理手续。
    You must go through customs in order to pass across the border.
  • 我必须经过我的医生呢,还是可以直接预约?
    Do I need to go through my doctor or can I make an appointment direct?
  • 他正处于非常艰难的时期。
    He was going through a very difficult time
  • 查阅他的客户名单是个相当费劲的活儿。
    Going through his list of customers is a massive job.