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adj. 像玻璃的;光亮透明的;呆滞的
Web explanation
glassy - 像玻璃的,玻璃光泽,透明的
glassy texture - 玻璃质结构,玻质结构,组分没有结晶
glassy metal - 金属玻璃,玻璃志金属,非晶态金属
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像玻璃的 / 光滑的 / 湿滑的 / 平静的
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玻璃质的, 如镜的, 玻璃状的
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Bilingual sentences

  • 兔子脑门宽阔,又大又突的玻璃般的眼睛往后瞪着,瞳孔金黄,仍然炯炯有神——仍然有生前顾盼生辉的神采。
    He has a broad forehead, with large and goggling, backward staring glassy eyes that are golden at the pupil and still have all their luster—still the same aimless gleam they had in life.
  • 它的五颜六色效果是由于硅藻的像玻璃外壳包围着机体的二氧化硅细胞壁。
    The colorful effect is due to the diatom's silica cell wall, which encases the organism like a glassy shell.
  • 他们常常将目光呆滞,无所事事和颓废视为愤世嫉俗和精疲力竭的社会地位。
    Nor, any longer, do I except the young, who are often now as glassy-eyed, disengaged and filled with anomie as their cynical and exhausted seniors.
  • 由于时间太久了,现在已经没一个星星能知道了。 所以上了年纪的星星已经变得目光呆滞,而且很少说话(眨巴眼睛就是星星的语言),可是小星星们还在纳闷着。
    So the older ones have become glassy-eyed and seldom speak (winking is the star language), but the little ones still wonder.
  • 微风吹皱了平静如镜的湖水。
    The glassy surface of the lake was ruffled by the breeze.
  • 但有些专家称,该公司在其所有产品的照片下添加玻璃反射效果,这一做法并不值得广泛采用,因为这种设计元素早就已经用滥了。
    But some experts say the company's habit of creating glassy reflections under photos of its products has been far too commonly copied, turning the style element into a cliché.
  • 这颗粒逐渐扩大,变成玻璃状透明,并能抵抗多种化学物质的侵入。
    The granule enlarges, becomes glassy and transparent, and resists the penetration of various chemical substances.
  • 这些由火山灰构成的细微玻璃状小颗粒会刮伤飞机窗户,阻塞引擎甚至导致引擎熄火。
    The fine, glassy particles that make up volcanic ash scour airplane windows and can clog and stall jet engines.
  • 在这个触屏的时代,多数手机都是不尽相同的光亮透明的长方形,你如何能鹤立鸡群?
    In the touch-screen era, how do you stand out from the crowd when most phones are near-identical glassy rectangles?
  • 街道如同一条运河,静止的空气在其中就像发出尖叫的汽笛:静止的空气,霜冻一般光滑,烟雾一般柔软,被徐徐划过的有轨电车的尾部所惊扰。
    The streets are canals of motionless air fading into infinity like screaming sirens: motionless air, glassy with frost or soft with haze, stirred only by the trams skimming by on their rails.
  • 气泡阻塞展现出某些普适特性,可以和沙粒、胶状颗粒、玻璃状分子液体等系统相比较。
    Bubble jamming exhibits universal features that may be compared with those in systems of sand grains, colloidal particles, and glassy molecular liquids.
  • 凡是需要关系网的开发者,或者有一群因听您谈论编码而满目呆滞的僵尸,就要登录这一网站浏览一番。
    Any developer who wants to network, or who has a family full of glassy-eyed zombies from listening to you talk about code, will want to check this one out.
  • 冰山呈现出千姿百态,可能白得耀眼,或者是闪耀着蓝色、绿色或紫色的玻璃般的光芒,或浓或淡。
    Appearing in an endless variety of shapes, they may be dazzlingly white, or they may be glassy blue, green or purple, tinted faintly of in darker hues.
  • 但是那确是个巨大的玻璃的黑暗的地方。
    But it was this huge, glassy, black place.
  • 最后,作者为它做了一个专门的博客叫做“玻璃眼睛”。
    Eventually, the author launched a dedicated blog for it called Glassy Eyes.
  • 这些目光呆滞的小孩对记者说,他们的父母都死了,现在他们无家可归,孤苦伶仃。
    Glassy-eyed, the children told the interviewer that their parents had died and they were homeless and alone.
  • 一千余人声称见到了一个未经确认的动物,短暂地穿出内斯湖的光亮透明水面,然后逐渐消失。
    More than a thousand people claim to have seen the bulbous back of an unidentified creature briefly break the glassy surface of Loch Ness, then disappear.
  • 当压力释放后,平面型化学键恢复,零散的碳原子又回到了它的柔软的玻璃形态。
    When the pressure was released, the flat bonds returned, and the odd carbon turned back to its pliable, glassy form.
  • 梦游者通常目光呆滞,面无表情,看上去可能是醒着的但行动迟钝。
    Sleepwalkers usually have glassy-looking eyes and blank expressions on their faces. They might look awake but act clumsy.