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Dictionary explanation
n. 人们(多用贬义);贵族们;(英)上流社会人士
n. (Gentry)人名;(英)金特里
Web explanation
Gentry - 绅士,绅士,简德利
Gentry Underwood - 安德伍德,昂德伍德
Gentry Lee - 李
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绅士阶级; 上等阶级
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Bilingual sentences

  • 中间分子及其他分子占三分之一,他们代表中等资产阶级和开明绅士。
    And the remaining one-third to the middle and other elements, representing the middle bourgeoisie and the enlightened gentry.
  • 他们打翻了大小土豪劣绅在地上,并且踏上一只脚。
    They have beaten down the local tyrants and evil gentry, big and small, and kept them underfoot.
  • 他们大多是贵族和地主乡绅。
    Most of them were the nobility and the landed gentry.
  • 说这些事不好的,我想,只有土豪劣绅们吧!
    Only the local tyrants and evil gentry, I think, will call them bad.
  • 他们损伤了土豪劣绅的体面。
    They have discredited the local tyrants and evil gentry.
  • 他是个出身于拥有土地的中上阶层家庭的极右翼份子。
    He was an extreme right winger from a family of landed gentry.
  • 第一,上述那些事,都是土豪劣绅、不法地主自己逼出来的。
    First, the local tyrants, evil gentry and lawless landlords have themselves driven the peasants to this.
  • 乡间的大部分房子都是那些有土地的乡绅在19世纪后期修建的。
    Most of the country estates were built by the landed gentry during the late 19th century.