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adj. 无用的;无效的;没有出息的;琐细的;不重要的
Web explanation
futile - 徒劳的,无用的,徒劳无功
Futile Odds - 希望渺茫
futile effort - 白费心力,徒劳
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无用的, 无效果的, 琐细的
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Bilingual sentences

  • 你的抵抗是无用的。
    Your resistance is futile.
  • 我们不对付全球变暖的斗争,因为以这样做是徒劳的。
    We do not fight global warming because it is futile to do so.
  • 这说明你试着任何尝试关于,使一个电子在这样一个系统中,确定其明确的位置是没有意义的。
    It tells you that any attempt to try to specify, to localize the position of an electron in such a system is futile.
  • 然后,他拍下这些成果,再销售这些照片。你还能多么徒劳?
    Then he photographs the results and sells the images. How futile can you get?
  • 今天就为该如何解决这一问题而烦扰是毫无用处的。
    It is futile to bother today about the way in which this problem will be solved.
  • 既然你永远不知道未来将发生什么,试图去控制事件的发生是没有意义的。
    Since you never know what the future will bring, it’s futile to try to control events.
  • 但如果你一直等到接到大项目再开始扩张,那么等待的那段时间就是徒劳的。
    But it’s futile to wait and wait until you bag a big project to start expanding.
  • 刚开始,边境的守卫还试图检查护照,但他们很快发现这是徒劳的。
    At first the border guards tried to check passports, but they quickly realized it was futile.
  • 爱建立在生命或没有生命之上,其他事情是无用的。
    Love is the foundation of life for without it, every other thing is futile.
  • 虽然人们正在努力减轻人口过剩和气候变化的最坏影响,但芬纳认为,这是徒劳的,我们的命运已经注定。
    Although efforts are under way to mitigate the worst effects of overpopulation and climate change, Fenner believes it is futile, that our fate is sealed.
  • 一切希望得到幸福的努力,在另一方面来说是完全徒劳的。
    All efforts to attain happiness, on the other hand, are entirely futile.
  • 遇到巧克力时,抵抗是无效的
    When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.
  • 我差不多半生的时间都在挣扎于与食物的无用的战斗中;我花了几年时间不惜一切代价的避免吃食物,然后又花几年的时间去尽可能的吃然后几分钟之后又排泄出来。
    For almost half of my life I struggled a futile battle against food; several years were spent trying to avoid it at all costs and then a few more eating as much as I could only to purge minutes later.
  • 不知怎么回事,很难得的是将这新的一年定位成兴奋,然后转变为小心翼翼,再变为警告,最后变成一堆关于时间自然性质的无意义的问题。
    Somehow, it is harder to place the moment when the excitement of a new year turned to wariness and then to alarm and then to futile questions about the nature of time.
  • 干预是一种选择,但很可能是无效的,尽管储备水平增加,资产负债表有所改善(欧元从去年的70%以上降到了55%)。
    Intervention is an option but, despite the increased reserve levels and balance sheet position (around 55% in euros, from over 70% last year), it could well be a futile one.