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Dictionary explanation
n. 食物;养料
Web explanation
Food - 食物,食物,食品
junk food - 垃圾食品,垃圾食品,垃圾食物
staple food - 主食,主食,主食类
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食物; 养料
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Bilingual sentences

  • 这类食物会引起便秘的。
    This kind of food is constipating.
  • 食物和补给的不足造成士兵的不满。
    Lack of food and supplies caused disaffection among the soldiers.
  • 医生叫他不要吃高脂肪的食物。
    The doctor told him to stay away from fat food.
  • 他把食物堆放在盘子里。
    He heaped food on the plate.
  • 这种食品在热带地方不会变质。
    The food undergoes no deterioration in the tropics.
  • 这种食物是用矿物质强化了的。
    This food has been fortified with minerals.
  • 我们应该节省一些粮食,以备不时之需。
    We should save some food against unexpected needs.
  • 这些食品和服务适合于豪华宾馆。
    The food and service befitted a luxury hotel.
  • 食物在吞咽前要仔细咀嚼。
    Chew your food well before you swallow it.
  • 有些种类的食物使人口渴。
    Some kinds of food makes one thirsty.
  • 他那残忍的主人甚至连他的食物也不愿给他。
    His crude master grudged him even the food he ate.
  • 人们总是教育孩子们要把食物嚼烂嚼细。
    Children are always told to chew their food up well.
  • 他们漂流到一个荒岛上,既无食物,也没有水喝。
    They were cast away on a desert island without food or water.
  • 当他们在森林里迷路时,他们的食物贮存减少了。
    Their food supply dwindled when they were lost in the woods.
  • 我们没有空气、食物和水就不能生存。
    We cannot exist without air, food and water.
  • 这种食物对她有害。
    This food disagrees with her.
  • 食物在夏天必须加以冷藏。
    Food must be refrigerated in summer.
  • 这名游客用他的手表交换食物。
    The traveller bargained his watch for food.
  • 他们向难民捐助了食物和衣服。
    They contributed food and clothing for the refugees.
  • 他把他吃的食物全都呕吐出来了。
    He vomited all the food he had eaten.
  • 她一看到油腻的食物就恶心。
    She loathed the sight of greasy food.
  • 健康依赖于良好的食物、运动和充足的睡眠。
    Good health depends upon good food, exercise, and getting enough sleep.
  • 他们为工人送来了食物和饮水。
    They logged the workers with food and water.
  • 他在口袋里装满了食物。
    He filled his pocket with food.
  • 把这些食物放在桌上,让每个人都能分享。
    Put the food on the table so that everyone can dip in.
  • 他们把宴会上的食物全部吃光了。
    They disposed of all the food for the banquet.
  • 饥饿的乞丐在街上徘徊寻找食物。
    Hungry beggars roamed the streets in search of food.
  • 这种食物不合她的胃口。
    The food did not agree with her.
  • 他们把食品发给那些饥饿的人。
    They have issued the hungry people with food.