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FLIGHT INFORMATION - 航班信息,飞行资料,班机资讯
flight parameterauxiliary information - 飞参辅助信息
Flight Training Information - 自训
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Bilingual sentences

  • AOC信息中心再次确认了航班信息,航班将会准时抵达。
    The AOC Information Center reconfirmed the flight information, flight will arrive on time.
  • 我会请旅行社的人发电邮告诉你们所有的班机资讯。
    I'll have the travel agent email you all of the flight information.
  • 我在哪里可以得到航班信息?
    Where can I get any flight information?
  • 人们喜爱的功能中排行最前的是,53%的休闲旅行者希望收到实时航班信息。
    Topping the list among preferred features: 53% of leisure travelers want real-time flight information.
  • 它是应该提供航班信息、旅游信息更新、天气预报还是成为客户求助柜台?
    Should it provide flight information, travel updates, weather reports or a customer help desk?
  • 没有,我是在网上预定的还把有航班具体信息的电子邮件给打印出来了。
    Paolo:Nope, I booked it online and printed out the email with the flight information.
  • 他们会很快把确认信息和航班信息发到你的手机和电子邮箱上。
    They give the immediate confirm information and flight information to both your mobile phone and email.
  • 门户显示一个页,此页包含一个旅行预订 Portlet,它显示员工的旅行偏好,还包含一个航班信息 Portlet,它显示匹配的各个航班。
    The portal displays a page which includes a travel booking portlet, which shows the employee's travel preferences, and a flight information portlet, which displays matching flights.
  • 它无法读出电子邮件的内容,也不能提供航班信息或电影排期表。
    It can't read the contents of email. It can't provide flight information or movie times.
  • 乘客可以使用谷歌提供的的笔记本去查阅地图,航班信息,阅读电子邮件,或任意上网。
    Passengers, awaiting their next flight, could use Google’s laptops to get maps, check flight information, read email, and any other internet-related activity.
  • 该 Web 应用程序使用一个 Derby 数据库来为虚拟的 LowFareAir 航空公司存储和查询航班信息。
    The Web application uses a Derby database to store and query flight information for the fictional LowFareAir airlines.
  • 搜索引擎巨头谷歌公司收购了旅游搜索技术公司ITA,正式打入旅游信息搜索市场。
    Search engine giant Google has entered the travel market after acquiring flight information firm ITA Software.
  • 她的航班信息实时更新(基于巴黎的Charles de Gaulle 机场),操作界面简洁而漂亮。
    It’s frequently updated, has a nice and simple interface (it’s based on the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris), and lets you get a lot of flight information at a glance.
  • ITA公司主要业务为帮助用户在网上查询航班信息。 报社称,该项业务能够使谷歌与提供旅游信息搜索的微软公司形成抗衡。
    With tools that help users find flight information online, ITA Software may help Google compete with travel search features offered by Microsoft Corp, the news agency said.
  • Bing搜索结果的页面上有一个特点,就是会出现一个工具,搜索航班信息,带有几个预先设置的文本域,使用在原始搜索中的词组填入文本域中进行进一步搜索。
    Bing's search results page features a tool for searching for specific flight information, with several fields pre-populated by the terms used in the original search.
  • Calder先生说虽然他乐见谷歌开办航班查询公司,他却并不认为谷歌应开办自有的旅游垂直搜索网站。
    Mr Calder said that while he could see merit in Google running a flight information firm, he was not convinced that it should launch a travel comparison website of its own.
  • 举例来说,在这里存储酒店、航班和地图等与旅游相关的链接。
    For example, this is where you'd store links to the hotel, flight information and maps of a travel destination.
  • ITA拥有实时更新的航班信息数据库,以便进行分析和对比选择。
    ITA then keeps an up-to-date database of all this flight information for analysis and comparison shopping.